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So without me not really noticing the GOG Galaxy client kept restarting a download for a cyberpunk update over and over and over and over and over again.

My internet was slowed down because i was using too much data. I called my provider and told them something was wrong with their counter after noticing that i used 950GB of data in 2 days time which is insane. They told me there is no way the counter is wrong and i called them crazy untll today.

I saw the GOG message pop up that an update failed and a bell started ringing. I checked my data usage and noticed that the GOG client used 1.2TB of data in 3 days time. So apparantly after a download fails the client automatically restarts it, failing over and over again.
Time to disable automatically update games, lol
the real issue will be some 3rd party software blocking Galaxy access to the download folder but yes disable automatic updates as default