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Some or maybe all of these might be mentioned before, this forum is anything but great for this kind of thing.

1. Remove "The" in game names for sorting.
2. Make the Interface Drag n Drop compatible. Example: If I grab a game I should be able to just drag it into a bookmark/tag. to assign it there.
3. Make it available to modify gameplay time. I have somehow 170 hours in Xbox Apex legends, I've never played Apex on an Xbox nor did I use the Windows Store version (if there is one). Also it would be helpful if I could migrate the data even if manually from Playnite/Gameplay Time Tracker. But for that I need the availability to change the time. I'd even accept a Verified time played vs unverified, and on Server you would calculate with verified, and us users would see unverified (but still syncing).
4. UI looks great, but there is a lot to improve, Steam's new UI and features are more inline with what I'd say good UX design. Lot of Drag'n'Drop, quick menus and so on. I've added some games and I was on the game details page and to tag them "VR" for example, I had to Edit, wait for modal, Type in "V"/"VR" then press enter/select it. It's doable, but it's a hassle nonetheless, compared to if I could just drag select games or shift/ctrl select them, and just throw them all under a tag, or if at least temporary the Tags would show under the hamburger menu next to the Action(play/install) button.
5. Some logic added to the activity feed. I have a couple of games, where I've earned achievements months/years ago, and it says I've first played it a week/few months ago. Like on Warframe I have:
- played for the first time. - 2 months ago
- reached 350 hours played - 2 months ago.
There should be a catch logic that I guess comes from the API but I should never have "first played something" when I have playtime and achievements before that.
6. Playstation integration is Iffy. "The connection to the server timed out."
7. Platform Icon should show up in CTRL+F menu, I have couple of games on multiple services, and it correctly lists both of them under there, but just says "Owned". I want to know which Platform I'm selecting.
8. Ability to be Online/Away/Busy/Invisible on chat.
9. Ability to drag an EXE/launcher/shortcut file into the launcher, that auto detects possible games from the EXE. So I don't have to CTRL+F Mark as owned, Link to Executable. and do it reverse.
10. Multiple launcher files support, for different graphics APIs and ability to add custom command line parameters.
11. Remove ":" from sorting. Also IMO sorting should work by ordering a game series, instead by name. So definitely there should be a seperate "sorting" name for each game. Where GTAV = "Grand Theft Auto 5", so the series is in an order and every game is after each other.

These are what comes to mind this is the first day I'm using it thanks for the invitation, I thought some feedback would be welcomed since that's the point of the Beta :) And other than these, I love it so far.
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Another QoL improvement would be to merge games, like the attached picture, I have some of these 2-3 times. I know it's steam/Uplay and Uplay+ in some cases, but it would be better if they would show up only once, and when clicking install I'd be able to select which I want to install from or if it's installed already start the version I have installed. Instead of listing the games multiple times.

And a step forward would be to merge PTS/Beta/TestServer/Demo and other variants together also.
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