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It is very important to me that I'm able to browse and launch games without ever seeing an advertisement. When I want to play a game, I definitely don't want to see 'suggestions' for similar games or DLC or anything else of that kind. So it is important to me that the game organisation part of GOG is separate from the shop part of GOG.

I don't mind having a separate tab on the side bar for the shop, or for 'discover'. Because sometimes I do want to browse for new games, or find out about new DLC, or see what other people are recommending. But I never *ever* want to see stuff like that while browsing my own library.

For that reason, I'm pleased that the advertisements have moved out of the 'recent' tab and into their own 'discover' tab; but I'm very disappointed that the individual game pages in my library now each have a 'similar to this' section - which is essentially an advertisement.

I really think that having a clear separation between the shop and the game management pages of Galaxy is valuable and important. And so I hope that the 'similar to this' section of the games pages is moved into one of the shop / discover related pages. (Or a least, an option is added to remove that section.)
Personally, I don't see any issue here. I'd much rather if GOG put development into allowing us to either turn off the "Discover" menu altogether OR change its place on the side bar so that "Recent" (or whatever other page) is the first page we see when launching Galaxy.

The "Similar to This" thing is so tiny that it's easily ignored.
Post edited July 05, 2022 by JakobFel