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Can we get an option to merge duplicates please? Add a right click option that allows to change the source, i.e. oen, gog, steam etc
I came here assuming this would be a duplicate and pretty high on the wishlist... but it´s not, for some reason.

So yeah, I fully agree. This should be a priority. I see it working as a single icon for all dupes, a deployable menu to select which one you want on click and an option to set the default.

That said, I'd avoid making it a massive setup thing where you manually bundle everything. Other multi-platform UIs do that and it's so convoluted it becomes more trouble than it's worth. This should be pretty intuitive and automatic.
Should also add because this is somewhat relevant, alternative launch options,Age of empires 3 for instance has different expansions that you play by launching it by right clicking and selecting the version you want to play, on Steam.
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Yeah they need a lot more options like that if they wanna compete with, say, Launchbox