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--> Plugin pastebin link
(the settings.json file mentioned in the pastebin has only two settings: kegaDir, a str, and romDirs, a list of strs. Both supposed to hold paths to the directories)

So I took a gander at reading the documentation and after some consideration, settled on writing a plugin for reading SEGA Genesis ROMs using KEGA Fusion. I wrote a decent part of the code, before realizing that my plugin flat out doesn't work.

At one point, the platform ID was set to "segag," so I looked at the origin and steam plugins and saw their IDs were not "origin" and "steam" as the documentation says, but rather "Origin" and "Steam". Python is CASE SENSITIVE, which means the documentation writing them in lowercase isn't a good idea. At all. But that didn't matter, since both "segag" and "Segag" returned Attribute Error, which simply means Galaxy 2.0 doesn't have that attribute yet (despite being present as a const in the APIs).

Changing the platform ID to "Generic", I stopped getting attribute errors, but now started to get Failed to start errors in the integrations window, and reading the logs, I only see this

2019-07-24 20:29:55,691 - root - DEBUG - Using selector: SelectSelector
2019-07-24 20:29:55,701 - root - INFO - Using local address:
2019-07-24 20:29:55,701 - root - INFO - Creating plugin for platform generic, version 0.1
2019-07-24 20:29:55,711 - root - DEBUG - Received 66 bytes of data
2019-07-24 20:29:55,712 - root - INFO - Handling request: id=0, method=get_capabilities, params={}
2019-07-24 20:29:55,712 - root - DEBUG - Sending data: {"jsonrpc": "2.0", "id": "0", "result": {"platform_name": "generic", "features": ["ImportOwnedGames", "ImportInstalledGames", "LaunchGame"], "token": "9d9cd9d0-ffd4-4fb2-933c-a4955bbf64e1"}}
2019-07-24 20:29:55,814 - root - INFO - Received EOF
2019-07-24 20:29:55,814 - root - INFO - Shutting down

I'm not sure what exactly I am missing here or why the plugin isn't starting. I'd surely appreciate if the documentation has a short quick-start guide on how to make a functioning a plugin and what ought to be present for a fully readable plugin, but for now, I can't tell which of the documentation's functions are what I need to actually get the plugin to even start. The plugin is linked at the top. I'd appreciate any help to get this thing rolling.
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