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Hi all,

As a disabled gamer, I'm a massive fan of Steam's "Big Picture" mode, as it means if I can't move much, I can launch and play games directly from a controller in bed.

GOG Galaxy 2 (afaik) doesn't have a similar feature as of yet, and I'm not sure if they're intending to implement one.

On the assumption GOG will not be developing a version, I wouldn't mind trying to make one myself which leads me to more questions.

I can easily hook in CSS and JavaScript into the web UI and modify as necessary. This is all well and good (if hacky), but debugging is a nightmare as the UI is stored in a CEF container and I'm not sure if it has remote debugging turned on.

I can see that the Client communicates with the Service on port 9977, but I can't find any way to use that to my advantage.

Is there any kind of open API or anything we can use to hook into the Service? If not, I think modifying the web UI might be the only way to do it, but that opens up it's own issues :/

Anyone have any thoughts or knowledge of any of these things?
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