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Gog Galaxy still seems broken on my laptop with the newest version of windows 10.

It takes me to the log in screen, i input my acccount and paswords, it loads and then just goes back to the screen for account and pasword. Over and over and over again.

I think ive already uninstalled and reinstalled Galaxy 10 times over.

Im honestly getting dissapointed, cant even play my ammased games this way.....
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1. Double-check that the login information really correct. If you're copying and pasting from a text editor, there may be a trailing space at the end. If you're manually typing things in, make sure Caps Lock is off and the keyboard layout is set to English in the OS, if applicable.

2. GOG Galaxy has a bunch of executables spread across C:\Program Files (x86)\GOG Galaxy and C:\ProgramData\\Galaxy. Make sure they have access through the firewall. (I have no idea if they all need Internet access, since there's no support article on the topic or anything)

3. If you're going to reinstall, after uninstalling, be sure to move the aforementioned folders elsewhere to back them up. Then reinstall using the offline installer and restart your system for good measure.

If the problem persists, please open a new support ticket if you haven't already done so. Others have reported the same issue in the past:
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step 1 is open a web browser [another computer is best] and use your username \ password to log into your Gog account... assuming that works you know the details are correct, your internet works and Gog is awake tonight

step 2 is tell us if you are using 2 stage... I live in Australia so don't use it but will not assume

step 3 post a image of the error \ sign in page you see [remove email address if you must but i want to see the error from your end because it could just be a script being blocked
Thanks both for the suggestions, ive tried them and it still just refuses to log in.

No error message , no firewall blocks nothing, just refusal to log in and an infinite loop back to the login screen.

Website works fine, so seems il just go through there till it gets fixed.

Seen and heard more and more people with the same problem and gog doing nothing.

*shrugs* at least i can acces my games and instal them through the site