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I got to try out the beta with my invite coming in recently. Here is what I would like to be included:

"light mode" - basically be able to change it to the old gog galaxy aesthetic with white and grays like the store currently looks like. It actually is inconsistent currently to go from the dark mode look and then into the store looking light and the arrows have the dark around them still on top.

List view with images and original icons - currently the list view is with the circular icons, I would like if we can have the original icons return. Original meaning how they came when they released and not the current custom gog versions. Most of the icons I noticed are hard to tell what they are since it's not really designed as icons you can tell. Also the list view should have images as well, the images can be the rectangular one's used on the old galaxy client.

More customization options - For example If i can make the rounded corner game boxers square that would be great.

I noticed some gog game boxes are cut out or have logos on them, this makes the game library look inconsistent and unprofessional compared to the older galaxy which was all consistent. Here is an example:

UT gold box has logos on it:

UT 99 has "game of the year" cut out at the bottom:

Also I noticed some gog game boxes are the European version and not the US version. Medal of Honor war chest and Dreamfall longest journey for example.
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yes welcome to the new one side fits all ui
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ussnorway: yes welcome to the new one side fits all ui
what do you mean?
ussnorway: yes welcome to the new one side fits all ui
.Ra: what do you mean?
if there is some part of the new ui you don't like and want to change then 'Tough Titties'