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I noticed now that the title stacking has been added that some of my games think they are the same game when they are actually different. Specifically my PS4 King's Quest, which is the 2015 game and my GoG King's Quest, which is the 1986 game. It is showing art from the 1986 version in my library, but when I click on it, it takes me to info for the 2015 game including playtime, achievements, etc. Is there anyway for me to separate them again so I can hide the PS4 version, which I beat and leave my unbeaten GoG game in the library?
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Hi, I experience a similar stacking issue with Ultima VII Black Gate and Ultima VII Serpent Isle + The Silver Seed (GOG)

While they share the same GOG launcher, they are two different games.
Text is only showing Ultima VII - Serpent Isle + The Silver Seed even if I change the stacked option.