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I've figured out everything else but PCSX2 and Citra don't work

Citra just says "The plugin has crashed"

PCSX2 will connect but then none of the games will show up. I've edited user_config with the PSCX2 folder and the isos folder but they still don't show up
I've looked around PCSX and found Spectabis which will house and download cover art for your games and keep all the individual game settings. I also just got 2.0 access today, so I'm not sure how or if you can connect it.

But... I did see there was a way to save all the profile settings per game into a single file you can click on and launch the emulator/game. Seemed kind of a lengthy and in depth process so I didn't bother. I figure just looking at the PS2 library in Spectabis and GC library in Dolphin itself is good enough.

I've just decided that since it's easier using Spectabis to organize and launch PS2 games, I add the games I have into 2.0 and link the .exe on all of them to Spectabis and just launch it from there.
Dolphin has a bit of a built in rom browser, so I do the same thing for that but just link to Dolphin directly.
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