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Despite having the correct login and password, I can't log in to the North American server for This is confirmed by logging on and off via the NA website.

<s>I am having an issue linking my Path of Exile account, as I log in to both Path of Exile and the PoE website by logging into Steam. When I try to use that login information in the GOG 2.0 client to link my PoE account, it does not work. I am currently in the process of creating/linking a new email address on the PoE website after logging in through Steam, but the PoE website is not sending out an email confirmation. If that issue is resolved, and I can log in via the email instead of Steam, I anticipate that this issue could be resolved.</s>
EDIT: The Path of Exile issue has been resolved.

Also, there is not an option to link a Blizzard or Nintendo account yet.
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