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I connected every other platform but only Steam failed. The "Login into Steam" window shows nothing forever (I waited for hours but nothing happened) .Actually it happened months ago and after several updates I thought it would be fixed but sadly no. I just updated gog 2.0 to latest version and it still got this problem.

Any idea?
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Can you access using a browser?
MrJuicyBacon: Can you access using a browser?
Yes I can. So is there a way to make this connection through my browser?
MrJuicyBacon: Can you access using a browser?
To be clear, I set my Steam profile options all public long time ago.

And the blank window pops up when I do this:

click "Connect"->What GOG is gonna do page "ok"-> Blank "Login into Steam" window .

It's not like others' problem that they actually loginned in but something went wrong, I don't even have the chance to login.

And I don't think it's a rare issue because I asked some other forums for help and it turns out some people are encountering the same problem.
Anyone please help?
same problem.
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