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Hello guys!

I have an issue with the game Ashaplt Overdrive from Xbox Live integrated. The Tile, Background and Icon (not like I care about the Icon tho) keep resetting to the default ones. I tried many tiles/backgrounds, no matter which one I choose, after some time they return to the default ones. By default ones I mean an ugly Tile and a not working Background.

Ashpahlt Overdrive is free on Microsoft Store/Xbox Live so feel free to try this yourself and tell me if you get the issue as well as I do.

My entire collection looks so nice so far, but then there's this one that keeps killing my nerves. xD

EDIT: It now no longer shows the game in my library. Lol. What the...

EDIT2: Came back. *facepalm*

EDIT3: I found a workaround. Having the game installed will make the game not lose its custom tile/background/icon pictures anymore. I think the game kept disappearing from the library, and then reappearing with the default pictures. Having it installed does not let it disappear anymore (I guess).

EDIT4: Aaand.. now it started resetting its pictures back again to its defaults, even installed. *faceplam*

EDIT5: Now I can no longer see it in my library. Tried resync, uninstall, install, restart, everything. It no longer is seen by Galaxy.
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