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The current plugin APIs don't seem well suited for emulator integration.

Many emulators support games from multiple 'platforms', but plugins can only interact with one platform. For example, Dolphin supports Wii and GameCube, DeSmuME supports NDS and GBA, and Retroarch supports practically everything. The current API leads to plugins which implement a single hardware platform on multiple emulators, rather than more logical plugins implementing a single emulator integration with multiple hardware platforms.

Perhaps there should be a reshuffle between 'platforms' (Steam/Origin/Discord/PSN) and 'hardware' (from PS4 to NES, as well as the current Windows/macOS/Linux). Adding more hardware here would also pave the way for better integration with e.g, PS4 in-home streaming.

On connecting an emulator plugin, it would be useful to have e.g. a settings dialog where you could set up your executable and file paths. The 'authenticate' API is very oriented towards web/OAuth-based platform authentication. The `NextStep` class looks like it may have been designed with something like this in mind (replacing "web_session" with some other control flow) but doesn't look like it has been implemented yet.

In fact, a 'settings' dialog (perhaps a cog next to 'disconnect'?) could have uses for all types of integration.
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This seems more complicated than it's worth for something that's... generally lets say a grey zone. Seems easier to just add the games and link the .exe to the emulator to launch it from there. Most emulators have a library built into them. In the case of PCSX2 I use Spectabis and have the .exe link to it and launch the game from there.
Although I originally suggested this in relation to emulators, it seems like a more logical way to approach platforms overall. Origin, Uplay,, Epic, these are all fundamentally different from a PS4, SNES, or Xbox. The client already labels OS as 'OS & consoles', it makes sense to include consoles here rather than as platforms.

My other suggestion was an integration settings dialog, allowing integrations to be configured more easily. Again, this could be useful well beyond emulator support.

As for emulators: the biggest selling point of Galaxy for me is to avoid going to another launcher, or adding games painstakingly and individually. Your suggestion is to... add all the games individually, and use another launcher?