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Get To The Moon, The Longest Journey, The Book of Unwritten Tales, and many more amazing adventure titles 60% off!
Are you up for an adventure? Come, join our delightful [url=]Point-and-click-a-thon! If you were to install one of these fancy mouse cursor distance trackers, you could easily see that playing point-and-click games is like running a marathon for your tabletop rodent. The more you play, the more exercise it gets. So, in the spirit of keeping your computer peripherals (and probably your wrists) fit and healthy, we offer you a vast selection of excellent workouts. We've prepared 16 fantastic adventure games, out of which 13 have the time-proven point-and-click interface, and all of them can be yours with a hefty 60% off discount, this weekend. Let's take a look at some of them, shall we?
To the Moon is a unique indie adventure with lots of original puzzles and nostalgic SNES-era RPG aesthetics. The gameplay focuses on exploration of a vast world supported only by a dying man's fading memories. All of the interaction focuses on restoring and altering those pale fragments, filtering out the false ones, and--ultimately--allowing the patient to re-live a perfected version of his life in his mind. How much to visit the Earth's natural satellite? Only $3.99!
One of the most memorable and cherished titles in the history of adventure gaming is The Longest Journey, a magical story of two very different worlds, that seem to be doomed to collide. April Ryan, a young arts student, unwillingly drawn into an inter-dimensional intrigue, is the only person who can make a difference. What she doesn't know embarking on her quest, is that there's much more than meets the eye to each of the worlds, and that they're not as far apart as the first impression suggests. The game is available for only $3.99 this weekend. The phenomenal story had to wait six long years for continuation, but it finally arrived in the form of Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, a gorgeous and powerful vision that just begs to be explored. Yours for only $5.99.
The Book of Unwritten Tales uses the time-tested point-and-click adventure mechanics to present us with an unending series of gags and puns hitting the bulls eye on the fantasy cliche targets. The story, the characters, the settings, and the dialog--everything in this game is a twisted image of the fantasy meta-realm present in our popular culture. It does not stop at that! While constantly making fun of other fantasy games, it's very successful in being a good and enjoyable fantasy game on its own. There's an intriguing story to follow, lots of creative puzzles to solve, and plenty of gorgeous locations to explore. Whether you're looking for some lighthearted laughs or pensive puzzles, this game has you covered! It's excellent expansion, that can by all means "stand-alone", is present in this promo as well. Each of them will cost you only $7.99.
That's only a small warm-up for the full . Run to the [url=]promo page to see the full selection of adventure games you can get with 60% off discount this weekend. Don't wait, because the promo lasts only until Tuesday, October 22, at 3:59AM GMT, and your mouse cursor has many miles to cover!
HypersomniacLive: Saying it's on your "to-do" list makes it sound more like a chore than a wish, so let's move it to your "to-play" list :-)
Heh, I actually wrote "to-play" originally, then changed it before posting :) But yeah, definitely not a chore ^^ I've heard so many great things about its story...
Sweet! Time to pick up Inherent the Earth finally. I think I'll get Richard and Alice as well.

I don't think I'll snag anything else since my adventure game backlog is starting to build, but these types of games I tend to play straight through.
What a lovely promo :)
I think I'll get Inherit the Earth. I wasn't going to get anything else but for some weird reason I want to get the Nancy Drew game. Normally I wouldn't give it a second look and would consider it a bundle-filler or supermarket budget game rack title or something I just wouldn't get at all, but for some reason it intrigues me.