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Hi can anyone suggest a good turn based war game on It will be cool if it has a random map in game. Also, if the game not so hard to play. I am not that good with games.

Thank you,.

Love gog!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fantasy or sci-fi okay, or do you want something based (maybe loosely) on history?
I am not really so much into sci fi. I love fantasy. History is ok too:) Thanks..
HereForTheBeer: Fantasy or sci-fi okay, or do you want something based (maybe loosely) on history?
Off the top of my head:

Fallout Tactics
Jagged Alliance series
Battle Isle Platinum
Combat Mission

These next two are stretching things a bit:

Alpha Centauri might be a stretch since fighting is not the focus of the title
Master of Orion series, but those are 4x and not purely war games.
For fantasy you got quite a few nice titles to choose from:

Heroes of Might & Magic 3 *
Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic *
Fantasy Wars
Lords of Magic
Master of Magic *

*feature random scenario generator
It depends a bit on what type of game you are looking for, but here are some that I enjoyed:
Combat Mission: Rather deep and a tad bit complex, but a very rewarding WW2 tactics game. This is a game that I think everyone who enjoys strategy/tactics should give a shot.

Battle Isle Platinum: A lot of games for your money here. The battle isle series is not too complex but still quite fun. Incubation is a squad level tactical game, while the others are played on a larger scale, with each unit representing several soldiers. Think Advance Wars.

Jagged Alliance 2: Probably the best TBT I have ever played. Deep yet not too complex, rewarding gameplay and many interesting characters. It also has a relatively high replay value.

Panzer General 2: A classic game. The panzer general series offers a surprising amount of depth, yet are still rather approachable.

Fantasy wars: Not very complex, relatively similar to panzer general (but fantasy), but VERY challenging. Fun though, and it has a sequel that continues in the same vein (though it is a tad bit more forgiving)

Other games that don't quite match your description:
Age of wonders: A great TBS, similar to Heroes of Might & Magic, but in my opinion a lot better. I think that the first part of the series is the best, by a wide margin.

Master of Orion 2: One of the best 4X games ever. You also get MOO 1 in this pack, which is worth playing as well.

Games that I have heard are good but have no first hand experience with:
Strategic Command: European Theater
Master of Magic
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