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Just a heads up here, I've uploaded a file that fixes some bugs in Wanton Destruction. I put a message in the Shadow Warrior forums, but I'll copy what I wrote there:
So as most of you know, Wanton Destruction has those issues where a miniboss and the final boss do not spawn on the first or second difficulties, and an issue where a secret can't be reached because it's too narrow to enter. Well, I went ahead and dusted off my Build skills and fixed those issues. The game now ought to be completable on any difficulty, and you should be able to get 100% completion without having to use any cheats. I also added two minibosses and one anime girl that were absent from the last level on the first two difficulties. The levels in question, if you want to see for yourself with the swtrek cheat, are numbered 09 (Skyscraper), 11 (Military Base), and 20 (Skyline)

This fix is in this .grp file. Give the old WT.GRP file in your Shadow Warrior directory a new name, like WTold.GRP, or move it to a back up folder or something, and copy the new WT.GRP file into the directory. Here's the link to the file:
For the Mac version (which I'm using) replacing the WT.GRP file inside the package isn't 100% effective, so you can just copy the package contents to another folder and then copy the WT.GRP file.

I've also fixed the secret that can't be accessed on lower difficulties in Twin Dragon in 'Warehouse' (map 09). The file is here:
Just replace the version of $OUTPOST.MAP in your 'dragon' sub-folder in the Shadow Warrior folder with this new version.

Edit: If you find anything else wrong, let me know.
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Nice, thank you a lot, it works perfectly well ! (I was stuck in skyscraper...)