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Here's your weekly Message From GOG returns!

Oh, happy day! Friday--also known as "the blessed day of freedom"--has finally come! And since it's Friday, here's a new episode of This Week on GOG, a short video guide to recent events, promos, and other happenings on the site. By the way, if you haven't already, you might want to follow the channel on YouTube, so you won't miss our shows, specials, and exclusive trailers.

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That's it from us today. Check out our Super 5 special indie release promo, our regular Strategy First and Seconds weekly promo, and have a nice weekend! :-)
Post edited September 27, 2013 by G-Doc
Add me to the list that really wants Re-Volt working on my modern box! I grabbed the unofficial patching stuff for it (still have the game) and I miss playing online with friends and blasting their cars all over the place! It ran great even on my old 28.8 modem back in the day. :)
TheEnigmaticT: First try. Got it on the very first one. I was as surprised as anyone. :P
Dzsono: But surely it was sped a up a little?! In any case, I'm impressed!
Nope. That's actually the speed at which I speak. :)