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Ludicrous Development Kit for everyone!

Rise of the Triad, a very modern take on classic ultra-violent FPS gameplay, filled to the brim with over-the-top humor and gore, and offering hours upon hours of fast-paced crazy action in single and multi-player mode, is available 50% off on That's only $7.49 for the next 3 days!

[url=][/url]Rise of the Triad brings back everything we loved about the first-person shooters of the 1990s. Swarms of enemies, no hand-holding, awesome guns, badass one-liners, a pretense story, and ridiculous amounts of virtual guts flying all over the place--all checked and accounted for. Apart from a diverse and challenging single-player campaign, that pays a tribute to the game's predecessor, the new Rise of the Triad offers many multi-player game modes (the game supports its own DRM-free server network). The game's fully moddable and a robust creative tool comes with every copy, so you can extend your experience indefinitely. All that, for a small faction of the price of most modern FPS games of comparable scale!

With today's upcoming update, everyone gets access to the simple, yet powerful Ludicrous Development Kit. Can you see all the Halloween-themed scary maps, already? Do you have an idea for one? Well then, grab your copy of Rise of the Triad, for only $7.49, and get busy! The special 50% discount offer lasts until Friday, November 1, at 12:59AM GMT.
EDIT: Nevermind - I just watched the trailer...not really my game.
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Loving the update. Definitely a nice Halloween treat. Haven't attempted the LDK yet but can't wait the see what other user make. Keep the updates comin'. RoTT 4 Life
*check Changelog...

Yeah, quicksave!
I love this game. I recomend for everyone who love old style games like duke nukem 3d, rise of triad, wolfenstein 3d...
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Awesomeness! Will be nice to see what little fun pieces pop up by end of the year time.
So... Did they fix the technical glitches ? I'm thinking of getting it, but I read it crashed a lot .
Quick save added finally.
I was JUST about ti\o pay full price for this! Thank you GOG! I need an old school FPS right now!

I was on the fence after reading reviews. Now that quick saves have been patched in, I think I will be getting this one after all.
Licurg: So... Did they fix the technical glitches ? I'm thinking of getting it, but I read it crashed a lot .
Never heard anything about crashes. Never had any myself. But yeah performance wise it was problematic for a lot of people. I you have a strong pc it should be okay (I never had much issues). Most problems have been fixed though. Some small problems remain (some not working achievements, some little performance drops, ...), but nothing major. If you think you'll like it, it should go for it.