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Buy any game on and get the Witcher 1, too, free for a limited time!
This is the final week of our 5th Birthday Celebration. We're going to go above and beyond the call of birthday, though, and give you guys something incredible for our final thank you: buy anything on, anything--and get a free copy of [url=]The Witcher: Enhanced Edition with any purchase.

In case you don't know about it (how don't you know about it if you've found your way here?) the game has been lauded as:

"a fantastic RPG, and an amazing achievement for first-time Polish developer CD Projekt" (PC Gamer)


"one of the most engrossing, mature games in years" (Gamespot).

It's a definite must-have for all RPG fans and, frankly, all story-oriented mature gamers, and now, for an entire week it comes at an unbeatable price of free!

Combine that with the sale that we have right now on Divinity: Dragon Commander for extra promotional goodness, or find anything else that strikes your fancy and get a copy of the Witcher. Buy one for your friends--heck, at this price go ahead and buy one for people you don't even like all that much. ;)

This special offer lasts until Thursday, October 17 at 9:59 AM GMT
Licurg: Already have it but +1, thanks GOG :)
triock: This.
Same here. How many times have they given this thing away?

EDIT: Because that sounded ungrateful. It's a great promo, for people who don't already have it.
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Bapabooiee: The only free-with-purchase item that could ever possibly have any value to anyone here on GOG would be Mr. T's enigmatic hat.

You all know it to be true.
Okay, what gave my interest in his hat away? My name? My title? What?
Already got it but thanks guys nice offer from you.
Ababeb: Do you want Vesemir instead?
HGiles: I am actually completely uninterested in the Witcher universe entirely.

EDIT: Oh, and in a move that ticks me off a bit, GOG seems to just be adding this to people's account then they purchase? I thought there was a code that I could just ignore. Now I have to send a ticket in to get this taken off. For goodness' sake GOG, it's great that you love the Witcher but not everyone does.
Ok I'd +1 your previous comment about the Witcher very amusing, though I'm a little worried by the last one.
Hoping this is sarcasm and I'm just missing the tone. If I didn't want a game and it got added to my list I doubt I'd be too worried, not if I didn't pay for it. I can't see how one more game in the list makes a difference.
Okay, guys, there was a glitch with transactions. They went through, but the games weren't added for some users and they didn't get their Witchers. If you happen to be one of those unlucky users, please write to support so we can solve this. We won't be able to monitor the thread thoroughly, so please, use this form:
Thank you, and remember that support loves you all!~
I bought Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri yesterday :(
Why didn't I waited :(
Dear GOG please update the calender :)

It is a great game and a friend of mine talked about there being a second one but I don't believe him. Also another friend talked about witcher 3 IDK I think they are crazy
Snowstone: I bought Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri yesterday :(
Why didn't I waited :(
Alpha Centauri is such a fantastic game that you should buy it again to give it away. Pretend that you bought The Witcher instead. :-)
Snowstone: I bought Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri yesterday :(
Why didn't I waited :(
Because these two particular deals didn't overlap.
Already have it but nice to get a giftable copy. Just hoping that The Witcher doesn't become the Torchlight of future threads. ;)
Just to be certain: if I buy a gift code for someone else, will the Witcher code go to my account or to the person I send the gift to?
TheEnigmaticT: Any *purchase*.

That means you must exchange money with us. :)
<Off-topic alert>

You know Trevor? We really missed GOG Pay Want You Want promos c]:-)
I wonder what happens if somebody buys The Witcher?
high rated
Luc2k: I wonder what happens if somebody buys The Witcher?
The system will collapse into itself and will create a digital black hole that will suck in all the other games on their shelf.
high rated
Damn it, I really want The Witcher, but I already have Any Purchase!