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Avenge your squad.

Rogue Trooper, a third-person perspective shooter based on a the Sci-Fi comic streep series of the same title, nicely balancing stealth, tactics, and action elements, is available on, for only $9.99.

[url=][/url]Rogue Trooper, a tactical third-person perspective shooter proves thay one solitary soldier change the course of an entire war. In this adaptation of the 2000 AD comic book strip, you'll play the role of a genetically-manufactured blue-skinned super-soldier that sets out on a personal vendetta when he finds his squad betrayed and murdered. In this truly open-ended combat experience you get to choose your own tactics, and decide your goals, as you use your stealth as well as superior firepower to conquer the many dangers of the Nu Earth warzone. Recommended to thinkers and fighters alike!

If you like open worlds that give you the oportunity to play the way you like to play and choose any tactics you see fit, check out Rogue Trooper, for only $9.99 on
Did I tell you that I loved you guys recently?
TheJadedOne: I suppose that "proves thay one solitary" gogger isn't sufficient to turn the tide of the war against misspellings?

edit: Or perhaps that one solitary gogger "change the course of" the war against broken grammar? ("changes", "changed", "can change"?)
Reever: No spellcheck today, I gues xD
Hah, I was surprised as usually any mistakes mentioned in the forum are fixed by the time I get on the site. I figure either the news item was written in a rush or the writer was/still is very tired. :)

Never heard of this game or the comic but it looks & sounds interesting. I like the idea of putting chips from your destroyed allies into weapons to give the weapons additional functions. Earns a spot on my "maybe list".
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Goodness, I've never heard of this, but I feel like I should have. Wishlisted for the moment...
Another excellent release. Good job.
How did I miss this? Awesome release! I had infinitely more fun playing this one than Gears of War. I have a physical copy lying around but I'll gladly grab another one from GOG eventually.
What would you do if I told you the Wii version was my favourite version of this game?
ggf162: What would you do if I told you the Wii version was my favourite version of this game?
I'd give you an imaginary cookie.
ReynardFox: Sweet! I enjoyed the hell out of this game on the Wii (depressingly no one else did, it's one of the most obscure releases on the system). I never did get to play the PC original, so i'll gladly double dip. I can't recommend this game enough.
Right there with you :D
Thanks you for bringing in Rogue Trooper GOG!

This game is one of my favourite third person shooters of all time. I own two or three copies already and now bought it on GOG because of the mp3 soundtrack.

The game has great atmosphere and visual style, not to mention the awesome soundtrack. Gunplay feels really good. Gunnar, Helm and Bagman are what really raises this game above of being just a good 3rd person shooter. This is a game everyone should try.

I also recommend checking the comics the game is based on.
Cool addition to GOG.
Loved the comic 2000AD and rogue was one of my favorite characters
Fun game, but I still have the retail copy.
It's times like these I truly love GOG for what they do; presenting underdog games or titles unknown to game history geeks like me ( Yeah, looks like I missed this one :P ) !!!!