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Dreams of paradise turned into living hell.

Project Eden, a cyberpunk squad-based action&tactics 3D shooter with many interesting puzzles and a gritty story, is available on for only $5.99.

I've seen the sky. I felt the sun's warmth on my face's bare skin. That makes me more fortunate than 95% of Earth's population. The millions of people crowded in the lower levels of the omni-cities are born, live, and die without ever seeing natural light. We've been reduced to that, as a species. I pity us. Maybe that's why I take my work in the Urban Protection Agency so seriously. If all those poor basterds are doomed to such pitiful excuse for life, we should at least make sure they spend it in relative safety and comfort. So no, don't ask me to retire. My answer is and always will be: get the hell out of my office! Now don't stand in my way. I have a squad to lead and an assignment to complete. Something's wrong in the Real Meat factory.

Project Eden combines First-Person and Third-Person shooter mechanics with squad tactics, challenging puzzles, and a dark dystopian story in the best tradition of cyberpunk. You'll be commanding a unit of four operatives, each with their own specialties and fields of expertise, to uncover and face a foe that threatens to change the horror of humankind's crowded future into a bloodbath hell. The game also features a co-op mode, that will let you face your mission with up to 3 friends at your side, each commanding one of the operatives at will. With suggestive setting, original mechanics, and imaginative level design this one will keep you on the edge of your chair!

Get to the bottom of mankind's dark future and find the root of the menace lurking in the shadows in Project Eden, for only $5.99 on!
it was good solid game. had fun with the premise the most tough. descending into lowest levels of mega city. discovering forgotten areas. not enough games with that setting.

also it was my first game i bought in australia.... it was also the last game i bought which came in old big cardboard box. good times.
Post edited June 07, 2013 by lukaszthegreat
I'm just waiting for those 4 and 5 star useless reviews to show up. Oh There they are!
This game really doesn't like my dual monitor setup. I have to disable my second monitor before launching otherwise it'll load onto that one. I also have to use DisplayFusion to lock the game window otherwise it minimises every 5 seconds. but asides from that, it's been rather fun to play so far.
Good to see this classic here.