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A modern point-and-click adventure classic set in the world of the Dark Eye.

Memoria, a refined adventure game with impressive hand-drawn visuals, captivating story, interesting characters, and a magical gameworld that will consume you whole, is available 10% off on for Windows and Mac. That's only $17.99 for the first week.

Sadja, a Southern princess, has an unstoppable desire to become the greatest hero in history – by joining and succeeding in the biggest war Aventuria has ever seen: The war of the Mages, fought in the middle of an uninhabitable desert. Bird catcher Geron lives almost 450 years after the Great War. Geron’s eternal love, Nuri, has been turned into a crow by an evil curse. To give her back her human form, Geron needs the help of the mysterious merchant Fahi, who has magical powers. But Fahi is only willing to help Geron if he agrees to solve a puzzle which Fahi has seen in his dreams. The quest for answers soon leads to a chain of events that connects both Sadja's and Geron's stories, threatening to turn the present into a grim reflection of a long forgotten past.

From the modern adventure game powerhouse, Daedalic Entertainment, comes Memoria, a captivating journey into the world of the Dark Eye. You will marvel at the gorgeous hand-drawn graphics that will charm you into believing you've been transported into a magical realm. You'll grow to like and care for the characters: princess Sadja and Geron, the bird catcher. Accompanying them on their respective quests, over the course of eight satisfying chapters, may prove to be the greatest adventure gaming experience you've had so far!

Are you longing for a really magical journey? There's one waiting for you in Daedalic Entertainment's masterpiece, Memoria for only $17.99 on The 10% discount launch offer will last until Friday, October 4, at 9:59AM GMT.
deonast: I'm usually a bit weary of episodic games as well I tend to wait until the last one is out just in case. With kickstarters I tend to let down my guard a little. I can understand the lack of linux their Goals and money raised was not a lot so they probably had enough work to do just windows and Mac and it is possible they just don't have the linux skills to do a good job there. While linux is better than it used to be there still isn't that standard platform (across all distros) that you get with windows or Mac, unless you stick to say lock it down to some very specific distros and versions.

Still I agree I'd love to see a bit more linux love out there.
CatShannon: They have meanwhile confirmed a Linux port.
That's good news. I have a steam copy as well so I'll just get it by default when it is done.