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Champion of chitin!

Entomorph: Plague of the Darkfall, a classic "light" RPG set in the original world of Aden, that has been besieged by the beastly minions of the demonic force known as the Darkfall, is available on for only $5.99.

I can feel it. I can sense the little changes occurring in me. My breath is shorter, but i don't mind, as if my body didn't need that much oxygen anymore. My skin is slowly turning callous and stiff and it makes this creaky sound, silent but still noticeable. Strange cravings--I couldn't bring myself to eat bread, but raw meat seems more and more appetizing, and after I eat, I'm not getting hungry for days. The dreams are the strangest part. I feel someone--no, something--talking to me without any words. In those dreams I feel a part of something big. I feel like one of the many. Waking up, I feel like own body was a lonely, cold prison. But it's all right. I feel more powerful than ever. Don't mind my eyes. Yes, they don't look human. But then again, I can see the truth now, and you don't look human either, Darkfall spawn. You won't trick me. Prepare to become my dinner.

Entomorph: Plague of the Darkfall is a RPG-ish action-adventure game set in the world of Aden, introduced by the classic FPP dungeon-crawler, Thunderscape. This isn't a sequel though, but a completely stand-alone tale presented by different means. This time we get a top-down view, a single character, and more puzzle and combat-oriented gameplay. With the ability to morph into insect-like beasts to take on your enemies, an intriguing story, and enough in-game content to keep you busy for 40 hours, this classic title deserves to become a part of your collection of PC oldies.

Brave the strange land full of danger and mystery, and become a beast to fight beasts in Entomorph: Plague of the Darkfall, for only $5.99 on
yay, thank you soo much GOG, you don't know how happy you made me with this release...
Insects are kind of my passion and games with that topic are practically nonexistent.
Oh christ, this game. The bugs, the horrible horrible insects. Yeagh.
Never would've though I'd see this game again. It a good one. Hope people enjoy it.
Adventure with lots of beat em' up elements?
OMFG! I sooooooooo wanted to play this game to refresh childhood memories! Thank you, GOG!
I recommend this game. It's from the same people that made Al-Qadim, one of my favourites and, I think, the best zelda-like game for PC (yes, I'm also counting Blood Omen). Good mechanics, great atmosphere, always fascinating.
Huh, looks interesting, might pick it up. Don't think I've played it yet.
Awesome release! Entomorph is one of those games that I have an unreasonable love for despite its shortcomings. It's a game that feels "special" (in a good way), though it's hard to put my finger on why. The world it plunges you into is just so weird and unusual that it feels exciting to explore it - most fantasy worlds are so generic that I feel like I already know the place ("Just point me to the orcs, ma'am"), but in Entomorph I genuinely wanted to find out what was over the next hill.

Pros: Bizarre and interesting world. Insect foes are not just a mindless, interchangeable horde - each species has its own unique and strange civilization. Dark, eco-apocalyptic tone that I can't recall seeing in any other game. Punching a beetle with your bare fists until its guts explode is far more satisfying than it should be. The soundtrack is excellent. The box art is seriously some of the best box art to ever be put on a box.

Cons: Entomorph is really more of a brawler with RPG set-dressings than a true RPG - that's not really a flaw, per se, but those looking for deep character customization or loot drops won't find them here. Combat is a bit samey, though satisfying enough that I didn't mind. Voice acting, while not the worst ever, is a bit goofy at times.
Not my favourite SSI RPG, I am hoping for a step even further in the past.
What on earth is that thing in the third screenshot?

This game seems to have done a great job portraying a world filled with disgusting insects.
Oooo, shiny. O.O

Great catch, GOG. :)
Excellent release. I did not manage to beat the game back then. Good one.
Whelp, I'm happy
Entomorph: Plague of the Darkfall is the original 1.0 version, and doesn't have the 1.1 patch applied. Could you update the installer to include the 1.1 update ( )? it looks like it fixes several bugs.
What do you think that icon is in the "Bonus content" area beside the 1st and 3rd bonus item? Namely, the "intro story" and the "walkthrough"?

It looks like a piece of paper with a pill sitting on it. Is it a sleeping pill? Are these "boring" extras?

Or is it half-full (half-empty) glass of wine, perhaps indicating a so-so piece of bonus?

Maybe it's a lifesaver (seen from the side), like you find on a boat, and these bonus extras are in danger of drowning the entire experience?
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