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Yep. If you don't have it, get it.
That's pretty cheap.
Cannot grumble at £1
I don't really like this game. =/
Got it from GOG.
I bought it for $10 a while back on Steam, and again for $7.50 during the Holiday Gog sale. If I had another Steam account I'd probably buy it again.
Bought it. What sold it to me was that french language is supported, where GOG's version is english only. Plus $2, that's damn cheap back in € !!
Um...yeah. Even though it is here, I can't really turn it down at $2.
xa_chan: GOG's version is english only

I'd like to redirect your attention here.
Post edited January 27, 2010 by Miaghstir
Such a great game... $2 is a steal.
xa_chan: GOG's version is english only
Miaghstir: I'd like to redirect your attention here.

Egads! There is a "Nonsense" language full of 1337s? Another reason to play Psychonauts!
I've already got a CD copy, but if I didn't, I'd be all over this.
Krankor: Cannot grumble at �1

Oh, I can.
Got a retail copy a while back from Gogamer quite cheap.
Never finished it, for some blasted reason.
Regardless, what I did play - yeah, it was a blast.
played the xbox version when it came out years ago, loved it.
I bought it again anyway just cuz it's so cheap