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First-person shooters now and then, in all of their gory glory!

Rise of the Triad, an over-the-top gore-fest of a shooter paying a tribute to the 1990s roots of the FPS genre by re-envisioning one of its memorable classics, is available for pre-order for only $14.99 on With your pre-order you'll receive its classic predecessor Rise of the Triad: Dark War, as well as Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold, and Blake Stone: Planet Strike for FREE!

[url=][/url]From the depths of first-person shooter history a legendary game arises, reborn to deliver yet another generation of gamers onto the pastures red with blood and guts! The title that succeeded in turning the 1994 holiday season into a trigger-happy fragtastic mayhem has been given a new lease on life and is on its way to our computer screens. Sporting top-notch modern graphics and animation it will also retain its original gory-but-funny spirit, skillfully catering both to our nostalgia and modern gaming needs. Yes, Rise of the Triad is coming to, and pre-ordering today comes with special benefits!

Rise of the Triad has everything that made its predecessor so memorable, from zany weapons, through gory visuals, down to the frantic multi-player mayhem. Talking about multi-player, our DRM-free version will be mulitplayer-compatible with all other versions, so you'll get to go fragging your friends whatever their preferred game delivery system might be. While the game looks and feels very 2013, the developers went out of their way to recreate that special RotT feel. Just look!

<iframe width="590" height="332" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Don't wait one moment! Pre-order your copy of Rise of the Triad today, for only $14.99 on and get Rise of the Triad: Dark War, Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold, and Blake Stone: Planet Strike for FREE! will hold an Ask Developer a Question session with the makers of the new Rise of the Triad. Have you got something you wish to ask them? Leave your question in the comments below, and if it gets selected, there's an additional free $9.99 game for you! Ask away!
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So there's nothing I can do to get those codes back.
JudasIscariot: I'm on vacation and I am downloading ROTT as we speak... anyone going to be playing multiplayer any time soon? Would love to see how I hold up against you guys :D.
I will when its finished.
Jarasmussen: So there's nothing I can do to get those codes back.
Have you read the post JMich linked to?
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