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Not in. and +1!

I also was not aware of this game, but I have looked into it now (including some youtube gameplays) and I wishlisted it :). Not in though, because I know if I won I'd just put it on my playlist and there are other entrants more eager to give this one a go sooner than me :).
I'm in! I have always been a fan of strategy games and RPGs, so games that blend the two are particularly interesting to me.
not in but thanks a bunch :) +re´p
My old awareness thread
After finding out about it and doing some research I can honestly say I really want to play that!
It seems just my kind of game with nice dialog, RTS/RPG elements and the pace of the game is perfect for me(according to videos at least) Oh, and the graphics, me likes! =)

So I'm in to test my luck.
Not in but many thanks for the giveaway. I love RTS but I have many RTS to play right now and not enough time. As a great fan of starcraft & broodwar I feel a bit bad for the low number of games that I've played starcraft II. I didn't finish the campaign, didn't try all the tech and neither tryed to learn any build order... News RTS feels rare for me. I must practise. Much more micro and much less macro....
Anyway, sorry for lose the thread. I didn't know the existence of this game. Seems great but not in cause I must to try others RTS that I have and this genre in particular required much time.

Thanks for the giveaway and show us this awesome jewell +1. Sorry for my bad english and bored post ^^
RPG elements. Time travel. Focus on characters. Those are the things that are attracting me. So that's why i would like to play The Original War. Plus, i understand that the game has a decent AI, that won't cheat like there is no tommorow.

And, yeah, I'm in.
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I was thinking, it's strange nobody mention how much of a selfish jerk you are.
P1na: I was thinking, it's strange nobody mention how much of a selfish jerk you are.
I am, and I'm proud of this.
Bumdi bump!
I'm in.

I love RTS. Well, I have to admit,t he only RTS I've played are those from the Command and Conquer series, my personalf avorite being Tiberian Sun (followed closely by Red Alert 2).
Judging fromt he descrption, this game seems a bit similar in artwork, but the approach to RTS seems different, especially with the increased focus on individual units. Even in the C&C game I always felt very sympathetic to all of my units, especially the most vulnerable ones. When I'd send an infantry scout ahead of my troops to clear the fog, I'd make sure he would survive the mission, safely back in base, as gratitude for the courage he has shown by blindly following my orders into certain death. To see a game that actually promotes this almost emotional connection with units really makes me want to play it.
I'm in! I had initially ignored this game, thinking it was "just another military RTS". Then I saw a post where someone, might have been TinyE, started attempting to describe the plot... by the time I got as far as "time travel" and "Russians", the game had somehow ended up on my wishlist.
Oh, there once was a hero named Ragnar the Red
Who came riding to Whiterun from ole Rorikstead
Not in mate - but VERY tempted as I've had this wishlisted for a long time, however I've an RTS to begin playing tomorrow, so will decline with gratitude! :)
Not in, but thanks and +1 for the giveaway! :)