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With every Divinity: Dragon Commander pre-order--strategy masterpiece Master of Magic for free!

[url=]Divinity: Dragon Commander, is the upcoming innovative fantasy RTS, available for pre-order on Larian Studios, the developer of that title, regretfully informs, that the game's release will be delayed. Originally scheduled for July the 2nd 2013, it is now expected to arrive early in August. Our friends at Larian decided to take an extra month to ensure this ambitious and complex title meets the high standards you grew to expect from their games. and Larian Studios are sorry that you won't get the game in time you expected. We would like to make up for the delay and sweeten the deal a bit. To satisfy your thirst for multi-layered strategic gameplay, we would like to offer you a complimentary copy of Master of Magic one of the beloved strategy classics, with every pre-order. Whether you already pre-ordered or will do so in the future, you'll receive an e-mail from us, containing a giftable Master of Magic code that you can redeem yourself or pass on to a friend.

We hope that Master of Magic, with its legendary robust and complex gameplay, helps you through to August, when we expect Larian's RTS epic to land safely on your shelf. If you haven't yet pre-ordered Divinity: Dragon Commander on you just got another reason to do so!

Once again, sorry for any inconvenience this delay might have caused you.
stika: ah thank you, sorry about that :)
mhv3: Do you guys know about how long it takes to get the email with Master of Magic code? I just preordered and got the confirmation email, but not the MoM one.
I'm wondering about this as well...

[EDIT] nevermind. The email arrived an hour or so later. Thanks GOG and Larian!
Post edited June 17, 2013 by StAtiC9