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This thread is for the Mafia game giveaway, please don't post here unless you're one of the players.

General discussion or concerns can be PM'ed or posted in the general disc. thread:

General Discussion thread

Shipwrecked on an island, 2014.

Law of the Land:

1. cmdr_flashheart moderates the game, and is the Law.

2. The days are split into two phases on this island- the Voting phase (Day), and the Action phase (Night).

During the voting phase, players post in this thread, and place their votes in order to lynch another player. Once a majority vote has been reached, that player is lynched (oh noes!), and Action phase, or Night, begins.

During the action phase, players cannot post in this thread, but who knows what they may be doing in secret (suspenseful music!); the action phase ends once the deadline has been reached, and then a new voting phase will begin.

3. How to vote/unvote (p.s. BOLD votes/unvotes):

Vote player, or

Unvote player

Each player votes for one player at a time, and votes can only be towards living players; players can also withdraw votes before the voting phase ends.

A player may also vote "no lynch"; a majority of no lynch votes will end the day without a lynch.

4. Once the player is dead, he or she is dead, and cannot post in this thread.

5. Don't edit posts, please. Also, do not post multiple times without leaving a break of 10 minutes between posts.

6. Any requests for vote counts or questions to the moderator should be bolded.

7. Everything within the game should happen in this thread, in messages to the moderator, or in any pages specified for the game role, as conveyed by the moderator.

8. Do not quote or paraphrase too closely any PMs received from the mod.

9. All players should post at least once every three days. If the player expects to be away for more than three days, then please let cmdr_flashheart know either through PM or in the game thread.

10. All players on the winning team will win, even if they died during the game; if the player can no longer participate in the game, he or she should PM cmdr_flashheart with word to that effect. The winning team will face a new, shorter and easier, challenge to determine the winner of the $10 GOG.

11. Players who are modkilled, or replaced, will automatically lose the game and entry in the giveaway. Any player who breaks the rules will be modkilled.

12. Players may freely discuss their LIKES, HATES and CLUES throughout the first voting phase (Day One), but after that LIKES, HATES and CLUES, whether they're real or falsified, whether they've been discussed in the past or not, MUST NOT BE MENTIONED.

13. PLEASE DO NOT take into consideration the names of the players while voting; the names have no bearing on the game roles.

14. Bonus points if players incorporate their names, and the games from which they originated, into the game.

15. players, you know who you are- do that thing I told you; it's a secret, but don't forget to do it with each nighttime activity. All will be clear in the end.

Thanks to JoeSapphire for letting me copy/paraphrase the game rules!

Game Refresher (check basic rules, for anyone who need its):


All players have received a role. Players can follow the format below to introduce themselves, or not- whatever they like.

S. Rando Player, ship captain.

The captain awoke today in a drunken haze, as might be expected in any cliched story with a ship captain in it, and he proceeded to drink more to cure the hangover he had (hey, it works!). A minor downside to the whole affair, however, was that the captain asphyxiated while navigating his ship, and crashed it into some rocks; survivors, not including the captain, swam to the shore of a nearby island.

Captain LIKES booze, apparently.
Captain HATES lack of booze, certainly.
CLUE...hey! Booze doesn't cause asphyxiation. What gives!?

The survivors realize that there may be a killer amongst them, and are unwilling to leave the island with such a person in their midst, and so begins the GAME (but seriously, post at your own schedule).


Aveweto The Reaper Arcanum
Momo 1991 Miracles Montague
Tascodlx Snoopy Tyrian
R. W. Old Timer Rayman
Ishar Boxer Ixamyakxim


S. Rando Player, ship captain- 1st, 1st Day, MUUUURDEREDD
Almostward The Wardless Anodyne, bartender and vigilante- 2nd, 1st Day, sunstroke, natural causes.
Mondo 84 Bullets Messiah, 3rd, 1st Night, head bashed in, MUUUURDEREDD?
Branjo Hello Worm Master Blackwell, 4th, 2nd Day, lightening, natural causes.
Texas the Slithery Deee, 5th, 2nd Night, MUUUURDEREDD
Kookies The Baker Kentucky, 6th, 3rd Day, coconuts, natural causes.
Post edited March 15, 2014 by cmdr_flashheart
So lets start the introduction

I am Aveweto The Reaper Arcanum,

and actually i wanted to get to a nice and sunny island with this so called Ship and Captain,

when i'm not busy reaping sould or working of this arcanum of steamworks and magic I like hot weather, hot girls and Philosophic Books.

What i dislike hmm trolls when i think of it and douchebags definately.

so while we all wait how this Island-Crash turns out i'll take my Nietzsche book and sit right over there below the Palm Tree and read a little.
Ah, my old homeland, Montague’s Mount, how I have missed thee! How fortunate that we all made it safely to my ancestor’s island homeland – tis a miracle, I say! Well except our poor old Captain – surely one cannot die of asphyxiation of alcohol? We must have a murderer amongst our midst – horrors! But who could it be?

I’ll put my Momo Miracles Montague thinking cap on as soon as I find my valise and fix my pretty face. In the meanwhile, perhaps I’ll find some shade since I seem to have lost my bonnet in the crash. Oh and does anyone know where I might find a cup of tea? Perhaps if we find my ancestors homestead life will be a bit easier…
"well theres certainly some shade under this tree" the says to himself while turning a page and looking up from his book
Let me introduce myself, I'm R. W. Old Timer Rayman, I came on this 3 hour tour only to be stranded. I'm a long time ornithologist, I've studied birds since before you were born. I've been looking for a very special one, the Sitta Raymanensis, a multi-colored bird that is very adept at jumping from branch to branch.
Damn, I gotta get off this island as soon as possible. I've got business to do. I can't begin to think about how much I'm losing on the markets. Johnson's going to be wondering what happened with the Pensky accounts...

Anybody have a phone or GPS of some sort? Maybe we can check the ship. Let's try to signal for rescue.
I'm Texas the Slithery Deee. With a killer in our midst we should all stay together. If someone goes off to do something nobody else should be allowed to leave the group till they return. Just to be safe could Aveweto The Reaper Arcanum come back over here since its a little hard to see them over there.

I like instrumental music.
I don't like running since I have a bad knee.
Listen up! I am Tascodlx Snoopy Tyrian, co-captain of the SS Lush. The Captain was more than just a captain to me; he was a loyal friend. Despite what you may think of him, he was a good man. He will be missed.

Now, I know what you're thinking... let's not start throwing out random accusations of foul play. Trust me, if I killed the Captain, this swan sure as hell wouldn't have smashed into the rocks. I am sure if we trust each other and cooperate, we can be setting sail in no time.

I realize some of you have concerns about heading back out with a "killer" in our midsts. If I had it my way, we'd be patching up this bird and heading back out to sea, lickety-split. But if you'd rather camp out on this here island and play "Lord of the Flies", so be it. Whatever floats your boat.

So, assuming we're going to be hanging around for a long while, perhaps you can make yourself useful and scavenge around for some food. I know I'm partial to copious amounts of bananas, but whatever is available is fine I'm sure.

Btw, if I do find out that one of you was responsible for the death of the Captain, there will be HELL TO PAY. Mark my words.
Hell to pay? Isn't that how a killer would try to throw off any accusers? Hmmmmm....
i second that, what is it that makes u so angry, thinking bout a dead drunk?

and besides who says it aint safe under a damned tree, seriously if you 2 wanna fight for who gets to tell the people what to do, go ahead and be my guest, wake me when both of u figured it out
Momo1991: Hell to pay? Isn't that how a killer would try to throw off any accusers? Hmmmmm....
Watch it, Nancy Drew.
Aveweto: i second that, what is it that makes u so angry, thinking bout a dead drunk?

and besides who says it aint safe under a damned tree, seriously if you 2 wanna fight for who gets to tell the people what to do, go ahead and be my guest, wake me when both of u figured it out
I'm merely trying to engender a spirit of cooperation and support. We're in this together whether we like it or not. If were going to survive this we have to work together.
well shouldnt the boat have a tranceiver or something and how do u know we gotta "survive" what about being rescued?
Aveweto: well shouldnt the boat have a tranceiver or something and how do u know we gotta "survive" what about being rescued?
Cállate todos!

I'm Branjo Hello Worm Master Blackwell. I'm a pro poker player. I was heading to Isla Bonita for an invite only tournament and I'm really cranky right now cause I won't make it there in time and my suit is all messed up. Don't get me even started about losing my lucky hat somewhere in that wreck.

As a poker player I know a person's face is telling everything one's mouth is hiding and out of all faces I see here I only recognize yours *pointing at Mondo84*. I don't know your name mister, but I sure as hell remember that you were kicked out from the Plaza in Vegas last year. I guess that lady didn't find you worthy of her roulette winnings after all. So I don't trust you for starters.

It will be dark soon, I gonna search for some firewood, and start up a campfire. Thankfully my Zippo is still operational.
Don't let any ghosts attack you while I'm gone.