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Say farewell to 2013 and welcome 2014 with 15 special bundle deals up to 80% off.

2013 is coming to an end. Oh, what a fun year this was to be a gamer! Especially a PC gamer, as our console brethren got quite a sizable share of stress and frustration along with their fun, mostly due to the controversy around the new console generation DRM policies. Luckily, the NoDRM movement scored quite a success there, and some of the gamers' worst nightmares did not materialize in the end. Meantime, here at, it was another year of DRM-free gaming. We got bigger, we got better, and our catalog of the best games in history got more extensive. Business as usual. It was a good year to be a user, and we can promise you this: the next one is going to be even better!

But you're probably anxious to hear about our promo for today, right? Well, we did wrap up the 2013 DRM-Free Winter sale last Sunday. But this doesn't have to mean we can't offer you some amazing deals today still! Remember all those bundles and packs that competed for your support to become the daily community choice? We know that a whole lot of people were disappointed to see their favorites get fewer votes than the other deal and seemingly vanish into oblivion. Fret not! We kept all those offers safe for you, and you can get them all now. Just navigate to our main page, and see for yourself: 15 special bundle deals up to 80% off. Nice, huh? Well, there's no better party than a gaming party, so let make the transition from one year to the other to the sound of laughter, mice clicking, and keyboard tapping! Hurrah!

This final 2013 special "bonus stage" offer will last until Thursday, January 2nd 2014, at 9:59AM GMT.

Happy New Year of gaming, everyone!
Novotnus: Keane-tastic!
Yuck, I hate these all or nothing deals. I see a game that I finally might pick up because it's on sale, but wait, I also need to buy the rest of the games (which I definitely don't want) in order to get the sale price - thanks but no thanks GOG!!!
Looks like Steam and Gamers Gate will get the rest of my Christmas money (because they have games that are on sale by themselves, no packages attached).

Oh well, Happy New Year anyway everyone!
low rated
Save 0% when purchasing selected titles? Spend $0, then.
Novotnus: Keane-tastic!
fronzelneekburm: IT IS ACCOMPLISHED!
We have quorum! It's time to judge!
I nearly purchased a games column:
- Mighty Heroes Magic Pack.
- Memorable Dungeons.
- Chronicles of Ultima.
- Military Combat Sims.

Happy New Year & Friends !
P1na: Which one?
Oh. Good choice.
Yep. I'm not sure why, but you make me think it is really a good choice... ;p
I love pineapples. Just so you know.
Stooner: Well... I wanted 1 (ONE) Settlers game... not all of them! ;p
IanM: I played the original quite a bit vs a friend. It is a nice game, but I got bored of it after a while and I just couldn't get interested in the second edition. It's not a GOG that has made it onto my wishlist, so I think it's not worth diving straight into the bundle - perhaps a Settlers fanatic who already has the bundle will be kind enough to acquire a single key for you?
Well, someone was more than kind enough to me... and thanks for the thought.
The anniversary edition seems to be an improvement over what seems to be the best game. I'll see it.
Wishbone: Good choice. In my opinion Settlers 2 is the best game in the series, and I'm obviously not alone in that since they chose that one to make a remake of. Also, as remakes go, it's the best I've ever seen. It updates the graphics to modern standards while sticking rigidly to the original graphical design, fixes the few things that needed fixing, and leaves everything else the hell alone. Most remakes try to "make their own mark" on the game in question, which almost never goes well. This remake is so full of respect for the original game that it seems unreal.
Well, and that's my idea, if they made a special anniversary edition, should be a good game, right? ;p
I also watched a couple of vids some time ago... thanks for your input! Guess I'll be checking...
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Fred_DM: Save 0% when purchasing selected titles? Spend $0, then.
Although it becomes a bit repetitive: You had two and a half weeks to save 50% on individual titles...
fronzelneekburm: IT IS ACCOMPLISHED!
Thespian*: We have quorum! It's time to judge!
GOG Community Let's Play \ live streaming of the game would be lovely :)
Post edited December 31, 2013 by Novotnus
This is great!... the "looser" can win :P
gogskel: Or ZERO percent if you go for partial? That's harsh. In fact, it's so harsh I don't really want to buy any of these packs.

Party is spoiled... :///
We need more classic point and click adventures on sale!!! Runaway and Jack Keane???
rtcvb32: To make a larger transaction rather than lots of little ones to complete the deals, I've successfully done the following:

Gone into the deal in question, if I determine I wanted it I 'checkout', however afterwards I simply saved all the games to my wishlist (save for later), which immediately disqualifies them for the large savings.

Rinse and repeat on all other deals.

On the last deal, move the deals back from your wishlist to your cart. If you've done it right and it completes the deal, the price will drop. It may not work on certain selections in which case you either have to start with them, or try it again, or get it on a second pass. I recommend adding your total up and compare it against your shopping cart to make sure you're getting the correct deal/value (Just cause it worked for me...)
You are buying a couple of nice games, aren´t you?

Big thanks @the whole team---and good luck for next year:
Let us hope that Disney will rerelease the LucasArts-Games with your help---and let us all pray that those big Kickstarter-Projekts will become very good games!
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51nikopol: We need more classic point and click adventures on sale!!! Runaway and Jack Keane???
I say we need more classic point and click adventure releases :)
And today they'll greet Jack Keane 2 among them :)
nijuu: Was only curious about it myself....maybe no.4 will do me. Has anyone got the whole Settlers bundle who is willing to help people out who only want one or few of the games?
Stooner: Me too.. I never played a Settlers game, and the 10th anniversary seems like a good one to try.
Eh, maybe i'm slightly biased because of nostalgia but the 10th annervisary game never interested me. I prefer the original Settlers II. Although i suppose a newcomer to the series might consider the enhanced graphics a plus.

gandalf.nho: Happy new year, GOG!

Someone recommends the Settlers series for fans of RTSs like Age of Empires?
If you liked Age of Empires you might like Settlers V: Heritage of Kings. It nicely mixes Settlers mechanics with Age of empires, imo.
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fronzelneekburm: IT IS ACCOMPLISHED!
Indeed it is!
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