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Planescape Torment is definitely a must have, its worth it for the soundtrack alone. Actually so is Beyond Good & Evil

Freespace 1 & 2 if you have a joystick (be sure to get the FS2open mod to make it all super pretty)

Prince Of Persia The Sands Of Time is amazing too, also has a top soundtrack

Miaghstir: The Steam games are slightly more work. Copy over the games from the Steam folder the the external drive/USB stick, install Steam on the new computer, log in to your account on the new computer so that your user folder and whatnot are created, then log out and copy the game folders to the correct location, the next time you log in the games should be there.
I think yopu have to go through the first run setup thing when you move steam games to another machine don't you?
Immoli: Thanks. =D
No idea how I came to this avatar though. I just pictured it in my mind one day, then looked up "Awesome hat" on Google a week later. Must have seen it somewhere and just forgotten where lol.
ChaunceyK: That's the Indiana Jones hat, a symbol of my favorite "adventure series" of movies! :-D
Omg, it is lol.
every one talks about games that cost 60$ but if you wait for a while the cost drops to 20$
for example left 4 dead 2,Mass effect 2 and 1

Every thing changes,new stuff puts old in shelfs and bam discount
i actually bought mass effect for about 5 $ on steam
And i got Witcher as a gift from gog user orcishgames <--- thank you !

so you dont need to pay 60$ for a game think about better use for that 60$ of yours
theres allot of old classics(from GOG) and indie games that cost way less
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