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Shifting matter across inter-spatial portals? Who needs a gun for that?!

Snapshot, an adorable 2D platformer with high-res pixel-art graphics, many challenging puzzles, and an original instant space-bending twist mixed into the classic platformer mechanics, is available 60% off today for PC and Mac on That's only $3.99 for the next 24 hours!

Meet Pic, the robot with a camera. Or should I say: THE camera, as the device he's got is nothing short of magic! Or, if we were to take Sir Arthur C. Clarke's third law into account, it's probably extremely technologically advanced, and therefore indistinguishable from magic. Oh, never mind--whichever it might be, Pic's camera is lots of fun. It allows its user to instantly transport everything it snapshots across the screen. Inanimate objects and living things alike, nothing can be sure of its place in the space-time continuum when Pic and his camera are around!

Snapshot is a great realisation of an original gameplay concept. The space-bending camera mechanics allow for tons of challenging puzzles and creative level design. The high resolution pixel-art graphics really shine, making the world of snapshot a real feast for the eyes of every retro gamer longing for the good old 2D times. As far as indie platformers go, this one presents an exceptional level of polish and consistency in design. Pair that with satisfying and fun gameplay, and what you get is a gem that you really shouldn't miss!

Treat yourself to a whole world of imaginative puzzles, pixel-art eye-candy, and platforming fun in Snapshot, for only $3.99 on The offer lasts until Thursday, May 9, at 9:59AM GMT.
F4LL0UT: Dang, why was I expecting a release today? <.<
Also: own it on GOG already, haven't tried it yet.
I don't know why I expected there to be one either. Forgot which day it was, I guess.
htown1980: In my view, this game is pretty boring. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, sadly, at any price. For some reason I keep trying to force myself to play it, but I can't
This. It bored me do death, though I was pretty sure at first I would have fun with it by watching some videos.
I played it. There's really nothing terribly compelling about it. The whole limited lives thing makes the game so repetitive having to constantly restart levels and then re do the snapshots. The whole puzzle element feels like busy work.

Probably the only reason I die so much is because I keep trying to speed run it. Maybe there's better content later in the game. It's at least better than 99 Levels to Hell.
What an amusing looking game. I like the ingenuity of the indies.
Dont remember buying this, but seem to own it here already. One more to the drunk purchases pile I suppose.
I love this game a lot, even though the bloody medals completely destroy what I like the most about platformers, and games, in general: the "one more level" drive.
Though Snapshot can be tedious and the time trial medals are a pain in the neck, it's one of those games you can pick up, play, set aside for a while and come back to later.
I really hope that this is selling.
The game is not bad, you just need to enjoy plat-formers and puzzle games in equal measure. I like the latter but not the former so much. For me the charm and quirk of the game were really nice as is the premise. I did enjoy this, but it became a little too much to finish. Got to world 4 or so.
Looks interesting and original. Might get it in the future..