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Forget the dangers, go alone!

Ittle Dew, a charming and elaborate console-style action-RPG with cartoonish graphics and lots of puzzle-packed dungeons, is available 60% off on That's only $5.59 for the next 24 hours.

Grab a sharp sword with magical runes shimmering with power carved into the blade! Oh, you don't have one? Well, then take that stick. It'll do. Now, head out into the ancient forest where the moss grows so thick it seems like the finest carpet and the trees are so big, their top branches scrape the bellies of the passing clouds. It's too far from home? Well, then just go to that pine wood on the edge of the village. It'll do. Find the mysterious mountainside portal leading into the deep, mysterious corridors hand-chiseled by the legendary dwarf tribes of old, and fight off the minotaurs who made their home there. Can't find it? No worries, you can just go into that cobweb-filled cave and swing your stick at some rats. It'll do. After all--even the greatest adventures tend to start off small.

Ittle Dew plays exactly like a console-style action-RPG should play. That would probably be enough for every gamer in the world, but on top of that--it looks amazing! The cartoony graphics are so full of wit and charm, that you'll feel your inner child jumping up and down with delight. The game offers the best gameplay its genre has to offer, complete with many puzzles, odd-looking monsters, and treasures that you'll find along your way. Your quest will take up to 5 hours and once you're done, you'll probably find yourself playing it all over again, enjoying it even more!

If you miss that special feeling only classic action-RPGs can provide, you will instantly fall in love with Ittle Dew! Get it for only $5.59 on The 60% discount offer lasts until Thursday, November 7, at 10:59AM GMT.
IAmSinistar: Can we a get an official bluetext answer on this? It will decide whether I pick this up here or not. Thanks!
pursang007: no answer :/
So it is safer to wait until the next sale. The game is recent and we don't know if updates will come on gog.
Seems to be the best course. Since I already have the original game there's no point in rebuying it here without the extras. Maybe by Xmas they'll have it updated and on sale again.