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Double tap!

The combo of Guacamelee! Gold Edition + Mutant Blobs Attack, a critically acclaimed brawler set in the colorful world of Mexican Luchador mythos, and a crazy festival of destruction unleashed on Earth by a creature from outer space, is available up to 60% off on That's only $9.18 if you get them both. Alternatively, you can grab just one of the titles 50% off. The offer lasts for 24 hours.

Start with [url=]Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack, a game that brings you all the campy fun and joy of Sci-Fi B-class moster movie experience. It's a platformer with imaginative mechanics, stylish visuals, and lots of creative puzzles to tackle. You'll roll around, assimilate stuff, grow larger (and therefore happier), and scare the livin hell out of puny Earthlings. Become a mutant blob, today! Then, embark on the most macho quest ever depicted in a computer game with Guacamelee! Gold Edition. This title combines the time-proven exploration platformer gameplay with sleek melee combat mechanics inspired by the Mexican Luchadore wrestling, with a whole lot of extra magic and badassery added. The game's aesthetics is firmly rooted in the Mexican folklore, but takes all its special flavor one step further to create a colorful, memorable, and vivid gameworld. The combat system is surprisingly deep, allowing for incredible combos and creating a whole extra level of challenge. Watch out, it canblast you off your feet like a glass of tequila on a sunny day!

Get the best that DrinkBox Studios have to offer with our Guacamelee! Gold Edition + Mutant Blobs Attack bundle for only $9.18! That's 60% off discount on two fantastic, colorful, and exciting titles. Alternatively, you can get them separately with just 50% off discount. If you already own one of the games, you can grab the other with the higher discount rate. The offer lasts until Thursday, December 5, at 10:59AM GMT.
F4LL0UT: Darn these 24 hour promos! I really shouldn't spend any more money on video games until I get my next payment but maaan, Guacamele looks like one of those games that I could actually enjoy with my girlfriend. Tough decision.
Especially since she could play as Tostada :D