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HereForTheBeer: I'm all for the LGBT community.

We ARE talking Ladies Getting Bigger Tits, right?
Couchtr26: I'll back that
you first.
Crewdroog: wait, so I can disconnect the bicycle pump from my tits?

wait... what.. why...
LoboBlanco: Because of this.
when us ladies take over the world, that's exactly what it's gonna be like. killer tits.
Post edited December 31, 2014 by Crewdroog
Crewdroog: you first.
Wait I see what you are saying, we must be equal so guys who are searching for that should receive that support. If that is the trade off so be it. I will throw my hat in to support moob enlargement as well.
tinyE: Bluetooth
Farkeh Nell. Doesn't it all just make you feel so ... violent. Like you really want to do some malicious damage?
Not so mcuh the retard in the pic but, you know ...

Lots of

Isn't that what they want. Isn't that what they're daring everyone else to do to them?

Now, let us watch the maggots devour my rep down to zero.

Note rep=30 as of this post.