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The Riddles of Master T! 5th birthday celebration continues, and we came up with some fun activities essential to every nerd party in the universe. Namely, we want to play some trivia with you! There will be prizes, of course, because there have to be gifts in a birthday celebration. Since it is our party, you get to keep the gifts! We wouldn't have it any other way. But, just to make it more fun, you'll have to put some effort into getting them. For the next couple of days (let's say: until Sunday), we'll post a daily activity for you. A quiz, a puzzle, some trivia--you know: fun stuff. Each day you'll get a chance to prove your gaming knowledge and familiarity with for a chance to get some free games. Our activity of choice today: riddles, brought to you by the twisted mind of The Enigmatic T!

EDIT: The submissions are now closed, and the answers are revealed:

Riddle #1 (Startopia)

Busy little citizen
Floats around in space
Busy little aliens
Why hurry? There's no race
Silly little managers
Build new plots for a fee
And conserve linear momentum
In place of gravity

Riddle #2 (Zork)

In a quiet little house
It is dark and black as night
You are likely to be eaten
If you do not find a light
It's as clear as black and white
It's a monster, not a hex
Though you're alone and it is dark
All you see is text

Riddle #3 (Independence War 2: The Edge of Chaos)

Like Robin Hood you've robbed the rich
Though you don't really help poor
You've fought for Independence
But it's not all you'd hoped for.
Now you're all alone in space
There's not a lot to do
You've been cut off from the human race
You can only count on you

Riddle #4 (Prince of Persia)

A little man who runs and jumps:
A hero, some would say
I think the real heroic one
Is the girl all dressed in grey
For when you trip and when you fall
She'll catch you with her arm
And every time her prince will call
She'll keep him safe from harm

Riddle #5 (Anachronox)

Safe inside a giant sphere
Rests poison from the past
A private eye investigates
And trusts too much too fast

Riddle #6 (Sanitarium)
Explore the inner mind
If that's your kind of game
At the end you'll find
You're--nearly--not insane

Riddle #7 (Jagged Alliance 2)

On a tropic island
Come rough men with guns
They aim for liberation
But justice slowly comes
Washed in blood and washed in death
They fight and kill and die
But when the queen draws her last breath
They'll take their cash and fly

Riddle #8 (The Last Express)

You may have heard it flies one way
The arrow that's called time
But if you want to solve the day
You'll need another line
There's not much time--if lived at once
Time is fast--it moves express
But if you're smart and not a dunce
You'll defuse with cleverness

Riddle #9 (Nexus: The Jupiter Incident)

Heir of the Lord Protector!
A sailor through and through
Exploring the farthest boundaries
of space you'll shortly rue
Humanity's home has fallen
To the strong has gone the day
But hope is a thing with wings
And comes from Acrididae
Fight bravely, son of Richard
Defeat the endless horde
And shelter every species
With your Stiletto--not your sword.

Riddle #10 (FTL: Faster Than Light)

Dear diary: this is my last note
The air is getting thin
We fought, we lost--that's all she wrote
I guess the Rebels win
Dear diary: yet another line:
We've sailed--we've yet to win
Our captain killed the crew this time
And again we will begin
Dear diary: aliens ate the doc
Our drones don't seem to work
My leg's been bitten--I'm in shock
Our captain is a jerk
Dear diary: We have finally won
It took a hundred twenty tries
With a new ship now we have begun
How long 'till everybody dies?

The answer to each of the above riddles is a title of catalog game. Can you guess them all? Send your 10 answers to with the subject RIDDLE. The first 20 people to guess correctly will be awarded with a $9.99 game. All other correct answers will enter a draw of 20 games $5.99 each.
You've got time until Friday, September 27, at 2:59PM GMT. That's 24 hours.
Have fun! :-)

The 5th Birthday Trivia so far:
Word Search - now with a solution!
Post edited September 27, 2013 by G-Doc
I guessed 8 of 10 correctly. Got only 3 Independence War and 5 wrong (the 5# riddle led to TWO games not one!)
Post edited September 27, 2013 by innerring
Ah, I knew it, I got ALL but #5 correct. I guessed a Tex Murphy game for that one (I went with Martian Memorandum so you know). Anachronox, eh? Well now... FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
Damn, I got #5 wrong (and while I own Anachronox and considered it, I haven't yet had time to play it and didn't think it was the answer) and incorrectly thought #10 was referring to System Shock 2. In retrospect FTL makes a lot of sense, but a lot of the content is similar for SS2 and the diary format was very indicative of it. In how many other games do people take time out from dying horribly to record a diary entry about it?

cannard: Ah, I knew it, I got ALL but #5 correct. I guessed a Tex Murphy game for that one (I went with Martian Memorandum so you know). Anachronox, eh? Well now... FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
Yeah. I went with Tex as well. Now, if he'd said a stripper investigates.

I suspect a lot of people thought Privateer was the answer to #3 as well. I briefly did myself, but the main thing was the line about Independence. Otherwise it seems to apply pretty much equally to both games and Privateer is far more well-known.
Post edited September 27, 2013 by Belgand
Heh, got only 7 out of 10 right.
I'm surprised that so many people had trouble with the #5. It was the easiest one for me. "Poison from the past" was mentioned so frequently in that game that no one could forget that. On the other hand, I can see how the people who haven't played that game wouldn't pay attention to that particular quote.
For #1 I was divided between Startopia and The Feeble Files. I would have to have played both to get rid of the doubt.

#2 and #6 were without doubt. I mean, I haven't even played Sanitarium (yet) but if you only read the gamecard (as I did several times) you'd be certain. #4 was easy too, I knew it was one of the PoP but I didn't know which one. I remember reading a GOG review where the author explains about that girl that would always catch you. The other riddles made me give up before going any further.

#8 and 10 I would have guessed right, but with a bit of uncertaintity.

As for the rest... never touched JA or Independence war and I wouldn't be able to pick one instead of the other games in the same setting. Just like I wouldn't be able to separate Anachronox from any other P.I. game as Tex Murphy or Jack Orlando based just on the "poison-in-a-sphere" bit.

I admit #9 is easy to discover tho, if only I had paid more attention when I read Nexus's gamecard.

All in all, I'd have gotten 7 out of 10... I can live with that.
Bah ! I got 2, 5 and 9 wrong :/
Wow, I got them all. No prize, but so what? I'm happy I got the trickier ones.

There were several time traveling games that would have fit Riddle #8. The Adventures of Shuggy is a strong candidate as well. The last three lines are the tipoff. "Express" is thrown in for no obvious reason, and you "defuse" something.

Riddle #9 is full of misleading clues if you don't know what it's referring to.
8/10, missed #1 and #8
I want to send compliments the way of the writer.

I was able to figure 4 riddles. 1, 4, 5, and 10. But from the ones I was able to figure out, they were very well written and interesting. Nice job.
Wow, I didn't even sent the mail, but comparing to what I tried to guess this is a disaster!

The only ones I truly knew were #2 and #4. #1 and #10 we're strong options for me, but I was not sure. All the other I was way off!

Then again, the only one of these I played is Zork.

Round three was way more forgiving for me : )

Oh, and I loved the writing on these little riddles, very well done and poetic!
Post edited September 27, 2013 by Shimejibr
Thanks GOG especially Mr TET for your work. It's a nice one. I like riddles.
Unfortunately, I had to pass this. I was really clueless. I also don't have enough time to research the answers.
I was really tired after day one and I overslept. Then I didn't win round one. :(
Like said by others before, IMO there are many "space" riddles.
I guess that's your favorite eh, Mr TET? :D
Space or scifi is fun but it's not my thing.
On the other hand, to me, it's lacking fantasy or historical theme, which are my favorite.
Just my opinion. I appreciate your work though.

Can we have more balanced themes, next time? :)
I take it back. I did win something, and got a nice personalized response with it. Thanks GOG!