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We're giving away 100 games a day to our users to celebrate our 5th birthday!
For the last 5 years we've been doing our best to bring the best games in history to your home computers. Now, we're celebrating our birthday, and we want you--our users--to have a blast! That's why for the next five days we'll be giving away 100 games a day via our different channels (the forums, social media, YouTube). The details of each giveaway will be revealed on day to day basis, so make sure to drop by daily and see what are we up to.
Today, we've planned something special for our long-time users, and it's all going to go down right here, right now--in the forums. We'd like to honor the people who have been with us the longest. If you think you're one of these people, post a comment in the forum thread below. Include the number of days you're on (just upload a screenshot of the "Days on" of your Account Info Page--please include that number in your post as well, to make our job a little easier, thanks!) and give us a one-sentence statement on what was it exactly that made you register with The first 100 users with the most time since registering will be sent a $9.99 gift-code.
You have time until tomorrow, that's Tuesday, October 1, at 2:59PM GMT to enter the giveaway, as at that time we'll be moving to another communications channel with a new set of rules. So, old-timers, show off how long have you been with us!
Only 1050 days...
Well, I think I first joined because you released a free copy of Beneath a Steel Sky or something, then you continued the awesome with having an awesome christmas sale. But to be honest I was kind of wary of signing up in the beginning, I was pretty much Steam only, but you have shown quality over and over in all that you do!
Do keep up the good work, excellent games deserve to keep existing (I would LOVE to see Theme Park!).
Much love.
// Abbe
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1,831 days here, and I signed up in the hope you'd have Wizardry 7 on here eventually :D
1010 days

My registration date is on Dec 25. 2010, so it was obviously your fantastic Christmas deals that year that persuaded me to make the registration leap.
833 Days. I came to GoG because they had many of my old favorites that I'd been looking for for ages and they were reasonably priced and more importantly, DRM-free!
gog_days.png (107 Kb)
1832 Days!

Old games, of course! Good prices and able to run them without needing to set up Dosbox in Windows.
capture.png (15 Kb)
Wow. It's been 1018 days.

That's just under 3 years.

I originally joined for the Christmas sale, and picked up a number of DND games I had never owned or hadn't played in a long time and it was nice to grab digital versions (NWN, BG2, Icewind Dale, Planescape Torment, etc.).

Thanks for almost 3 years!
daysongog.png (116 Kb)
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1838 days :) Went by fast!
gog.png (207 Kb)
Days on
signed-up on Sep. 23, 2008

Signed up due to the commitment of GOG to make old games work on new hardware. Made me very happy to have such a service.
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1696 days. I joined for games i missed that wouldn't work on newer versions of windows.
Just 882. days, not long by a long shot and no screenshot. I know when I'm beat.

I joined because of TW2 DRM free and to support CD Projekt (red). :)
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339 Days
I joined because my brother recommended it to me. He wanted me to try out Tyrian 3000. Excellent site :)
1847 days

Good old games, mainly adventures, playable on modern systems without any hassle + the bonus content.
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1742 days. I had an eye on GOG since the first Fallout-centric place holder page, but only signed up once Beneath a Steel Sky was given away. After all, what harm could a freebie do to my bank balance? Heh...
1742.jpg (100 Kb)
1201 days on GOG as of today!

I signed up with GOG because you had a lot of games that I never got the chance to play as a kid - for great prices!
1201days.png (55 Kb)
Xyzandra: I've been here 1836 days. SIgned up on 10th September 2008. Blimey, has it really been that long?
Tarm: Your picture say 1846 days.
Oh great. I'm so old, I've forgotten how to read.