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Hmmm, 8 players I haven't played with and 6 completely new. I am curious.
People, I give you 12 hours to reply, I'll be back and want to get started by then! :-)
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Ah, interesting theme!
Lets get this show on the road!
Good luck all!
good luck I'll be a replacement if any are needed.
Edit: Day 1 has begun, go get started!

Just missing pazzer at the moment, shouldn't take too long for him to join in, I hope :D
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Re: the Gog Mafia general discussion thread, Damnation has a QT up for "observers" of GM4 (but you can't then replace into the game after).

I'm now in it, and if anyone else wants to discuss/follow commentary on the game (which I'll try to give) feel free to ask him for the link too. Newbies welcome too to ask questions or whatnot.

Try not to come with knowledge of the roles though (you may, of course, your choice, but kindly don't be a spoilsport and tell me/us who is who if so).

Also, for those in game, no pressure, ya know. :)
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Edit: Robbeasy replaced pazzer, nothing to see here, move along.
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enterprise has requested to be replaced, please PM me if you're willing to take his spot

Edit: Spot claimed by ViolatorX
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