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Each one of them has his own reason to embark for Europe. A good one or a bad one, an economical, religious or political one, but each one has put all of his hopes, and therefore all the resources he could collect, into the hope of finding asylum there. The deal is expensive, but the smugglers promised safe passage aboard the Mavri Petalouda. And Europe is worth both the risk and the sacrifices. Europe is a magical place where even the paupers are rich, a place of abundance, equality and democracy, a place of justice and fairness, where everyone is treated well and can build a life. This shows on all the movies, series and commercials broadcasted around the world. It is implied by all the stern reproaches made by European states to the undemocratic countries. And it is also repeatedly confirmed by the organisers of the journey.

The hardest part is already behind, anyway. Now, onboard, all they have to do is wait. It's not a direct route, as the little cargo ship will make halts in various harbours, but it's just a matter of time now. The hold is even less crowded than at the start of the journey, maybe because some of them have lost patience and changed their mind at some stopover. One of them seems to have left his meager luggage behind, though, which is surprising because it contained some personal documents. Maybe he intended to come back aboard, and the ship left too early.

So, things aren't even too incomfortable. During these stopovers, as well as most of time anyway, they have to stay hidden in the hold, but some food is brought from time to time. Little food, but at least they're being cared for. Sometimes they're allowed to walk out, usually during a night at high sea. And so far they've had regular visits from the ship's doctor, to check if they're in okay condition. Time passes slowly.

Actually the ship doctor hasn't turned up lately, but nobody sees there a reason to worry. And, as his blood on the ship's rail has been carefully wiped off and his body immerged miles ago, most keep assuming that he'll resume the medical checkups in a couple of days.



Now, if you are NOT REGISTERED in this game, please don't post. The registered players are :

01. SirPrimalform : ???
02. CSPVG : ???
03. QuadrAlien : Leonard Mgamba, Second Officer [TOWN JAILER (even nights), WATCHER], deceased.
04. Vitek : Ali Benipuri, Bihari refugee [TOWN VANILLA (urdu speaker)], deceased.
05. amok : ???
06. JMich : Lucien Bessomo, Cameroonian sorcerer [TOWN ROLEBLOCKER], deceased.
07. Robbeasy : ???
08. JoeSapphire : ???
09. gkaiser : ???
10. DarkoD13 : Manassé Nsegimana, Tutsi policeman [TOWN COP], deceased.
11. Flubbucket : ???
12. Telika : Esteban Florès, ship's doctor [TOWN DOCTOR], deceased.

To register to a game of mafia, or to learn what is it about, please refer to this link :


NOW, the rules are the usual ones.

1) THE MAFIA TEAM WINS WHEN ITS MEMBERS BECOME THE MAJORITY OF THE SURVIVING CHARACTERS (as mafia lynch becoming impossible from that point on). TOWN TEAM WINS WHEN ALL MAFIA CHARACTERS HAVE BEEN KILLED. Each member wins, whether dead or alive, if his team wins.

2) PLAYERS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO EDIT A POST. EDITING A POST IS CONSIDERED CHEATING AND LEADS TO EXCLUSION BY BRUTAL MODKILL. This is to avoid second thoughts, last minute corrections of telling slips, etc. And pay very much attention to the next point :

3) PLAYERS WILL HAVE TO WAIT FOR 10 MINUTES BEFORE POSTING A SECOND TIME, IF NOBODY POSTS INBETWEEN. Or else, the forum engine will merge the posts and show them as "edited", leading to point 2 above, leading to aforementionned brutal modkill. Ask someone else, somewhere, to bump the thread for you, if you need to post urgently. People, also please do read posts carefully. If an accidental "edit" appears, I will take in account the testimony of another player claiming there has been no actual modification in the post - provided, of course, that the witness isn't (consciously) on the same team as the incriminated poster.


5) PLAYERS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DISCUSS AN ONGOING GAME OUTSIDE OF ITS OFFICIAL PLAYGROUND THREAD. This thread here is the only place where players can communicate about the game - except of course for the mafia's secret night action forum.

6) PLAYERS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO QUOTE THEIR CHARACTER DESCRIPTIONS OR ACTION DESCRIPTIONS DIRECTLY. Do paraphrase. When in doubt about how close a paraphrase can be, send me a PM first.

7) The in-forum actions and queries adressed to the MODERATOR must be bolded. The permitted actions are : vote [someone], unvote [someone], ask votecount, vote nolynch.

8) A LYNCH IS DECIDED AT THE INSTANT WHERE A PLAYER (or a nolynch) OBTAINS A MAJORITY OF VOTES. Subsequent changes of votes will have no retroactive effect.

9) WHEN A NIGHT STARTS, PLAYERS STOP POSTING UNTIL THE NEXT DAY STARTS. Night actions (and their targets) must be submitted then.

10) Nights last for 72 real-time hours. This may fluctuate around (early, late) arrival of night actions submissions.

11) Be active, be involved. After 48 hours of inactivity, you're prodded. After 24 more hours, you're declared officially dead, and modkilled. Too bad for your team.

12) LIKEWISE, night actions submitted TOO too late may simply miss the train. Though it might not necessarily kill you.

13) Dead people are dead. If you manifest yourself after having been officially killed or modkilled, you will be hunted down in real life to ensure your complying with that role.

14) The MODERATOR must be contacted in case of hinderances to participation (absence, replacement requests, etc). Also : the moderator is me.

15) This is a mafia game. DO EXPECT PEOPLE TO SOMETIMES DARE TO QUESTION YOUR SINCERITY (it happens). Don't feel too offended about it. Stay civil. Don't hurt each others, and don't whine. Expect to be accused and even lynched for wrong reasons, whether mafia or town. Keep in mind that, while irritating, this is a bit the point of the game.


Every player must have recieved a PM describing their character (it's just background flavor, don't really bother roleplaying here), and their night abilities. If not, inform me. I am permanently available for any question, or clarification request, via PM. On PM demand, I can also provide a link to the observatory deck forum.

This is day one.


Note(s) :

- Flubbucket has replaced DieRuhe, for reason of inactivity.
- QuadrAlien has replaced kkreo, for reason of inactivity.
Post edited December 11, 2013 by Telika
I've been trapped with you lot in a series of diminishing spaces. First a small town, then a mental asylum, and now a ship. At this rate, I can't wait for Forum Mafia: Broom Cupboard.

I'm also going to have to say vote: Robbeasy. This is because- well, there really isn't a reason. It's RVS.
Let's see how life is aboard this black butterfly.

Vote Vitek, for the fun he provided in the last game, even though it led me to my first lynch.
I suspect a lot of people,

I will vote amok
In the spirit of random voting

Vote gkaiser as he is singing out of tune.

I have high hopes for this trip, and I will not let my family down! Life is good.
At last a new game starts...

Vote SirPrimalForm for ruining my fun in the last game..
I am out of home for weekend. I am posting from dad's phone and I suck at it and can't stand it, so only minimal posting from me. Vote JoeSapphire because he is crazy.
Robbeasy: Vote SirPrimalForm for ruining my fun in the last game..
You were lurking! Normal players don't get to go away for a week, or at least if they have to they tell everyone.

Vote Amok for being scum!
I wanna see you sing in tune when seasick Amok... actually, I wouldn't mind seeing you gone either.
vote Amok for mocking the rhythmically challenged.

Unvote Amok, vote gkaiser for the heinous crime of confusing pitch and rhythm!
I have to vote SirPrimalform. Look at that face and tell me he doesn't look suspicious. What's up with that mouth?
DarkoD13: I have to vote SirPrimalform. Look at that face and tell me he doesn't look suspicious. What's up with that mouth?
I love you, bro.
DarkoD13: I have to vote SirPrimalform. Look at that face and tell me he doesn't look suspicious. What's up with that mouth?
Hello Pot, my name's Kettle. How do you do?
SirPrimalform: Hello Pot, my name's Kettle. How do you do?
Hey, I'm just in the spirit of the local festivities. You've looked like this ever since I saw you on the boat.
must not post twice within 10 minutes must not post twice within ten minutes

hello all

who is our top favourite to be scum in this game?
who is the person that we most want to lynch?