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Lenny: Stalker
I could not sit through that game, it was so boring to me. Sure some of the firefights were really cool, but I felt like my bullets didn't do the same damage as my enemies.. I ended up selling it because I hardly ever played it. Neat visuals, cool soundtrack, awesome style, but ultimately wasn't fun enough for me.
Wow, some of you guys really whip through the games. I've completed:
Storm of Zehir
World of Goo (again)
Currently still playing first time through Prince of Persia, Mass Effect, Fallout 3, and have some NWN2 modules on the go. I don't expect I'll finish any of the first three games any time soon.
I played through almost the entirety of Stalker. There were certain things that bugged me about it, like the weight/slow walking thing, but overall it was ok. I wasn't highly impressed, but not bad. I didn't finish it because of that stupid ending level where you have to run though an area infested with enemies with a stupid energy flash about to happen. I tried it like twice, died, then just didn't feel like trying it again. I think I was like 30 minutes from the end at most.
I've finished the original campaign of Dawn of War. That is about the only game I have finished so far...
Well I finished Half-life 2 and Fallout 2 in 2009.
But I started them in 2008... so... does that count?
otherwise... only Beneath A Steel Sky.
If only I didn't need to work all day...
edit: added BASS
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Age of empire 1-2 plus extentions
10th year command and conquer collection
Age of Mythologie+ext
Rise of nation +ext
Call of Duty 2
Far cry Vengeance
Descent 1-2
Myst 1-2-3
Mario soccer tennis baseball
James bond tomorrow
Red faction 2
Need for speed most wanted
Batlefield 1 anthologie
Resistance fall of men
Smash bros Brawl
I think that it...
Forgot rise of legend
since start 2008
in 2009 (sorry i bad read the topic)
Far cry Vengeance
Smash bros Brawl
Myst 2-3
Descent 2
Need for speed most Wanted
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- Fallout 3 (with a bad character)
- Dead Space (sweet)
- Devil May Cry 4 (great game, I'm still adicted to it)
- Mario Power Tennis (getting all players and courts)
- Mirror's Edge (great platformer)
That's it.
Mirror's Edge,
Doom 2 - TNT: Evilution,
Strife (in a few hours it'll be done), // heh, it's done now.
Professor Heinz Wolff's Gravity,
Left For Dead :P
Will you update the list along the year? :D
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DukeNico: Will you update the list along the year? :D

hopefully. unless i am in terrible accident which will leave me armless or there is limited number of edits permitted, or will hit number of char limit.
but that is the goal.
Ok, I just finished Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare yesterday. It kicked an unspecified (but very large) amount of ass. You can also add Crayon Physics Deluxe, which I mentioned in the last post.
Mirrors Edge and Stronghold. Thats it... So far!
fallout 3 with a side order of red alert 3
Managed A Vampyre Story, Painkiller Overdose and Left 4 Dead. Still play multiplayer Left 4 Dead but completed all the campaigns for it.
Ralackk: Managed A Vampyre Story

How was the full game? The demo was okay but just felt a bit lacking and since I'm not sure on the length of the game, I can't really divert funds to buy it
Ralackk: Managed A Vampyre Story
Aliasalpha: How was the full game? The demo was okay but just felt a bit lacking and since I'm not sure on the length of the game, I can't really divert funds to buy it

It took me about 14 hours to complete in total without any outside help. The visuals are wonderful for an adventure game. The puzzles I thought were good and nothing insanely obscure, mostly logical.
Where A Vampyre Story fails badly is the comedic writing. I nearly quit a little before half way because although it has a couple amusing parts and the rest is painfully bad puns.
This is not to mention the fact the game still has a memory leak which means it suffers from slowing down which you need to exit the game and restart it to fix. Also because of this same memory leak the movies can mess up from repeating a couple times to not playing properly at all. I had to backtrack from an earlier save a couple times to get to the point just before the movie, save, exit, restart the game and then watch the movie.
I have a few personal nitpicks on top of all this including mona's damn annoying voice but that could of been turned off so not really a problem.
Overall I enjoyed the puzzle solving portion of the game but probably would not have bought it had I known it was full of so many painfully poor puns.