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So, I recently dug up this little gem (basically all three Myth games alond with Chimera and the Total Codex expansions) from my collection and went straight into the first game, Myth: The Fallen Lords. Everything was peachy, cool intro, native wide screen resolution, everything just perfect. The first WTF moment was when my dwarf blew up half of my team (himself included) in the very first mission but OK, I remembered that they were always loose cannons. Quick restart and everything went more or less smoothly. Second mission? Not a big deal. Third? Err... had to replay it three times. Fourth? I had to try it seven times. But the fifth mission (Flight from Covenant)? "Myrmidons are coming! Fall back, fall back! Now, seriously guys flee for your life! I said flee! Just do it! Oh... you know what, never mind. Let's try again. Gah! Here they are again!" I swear it I just can't beat that mission and I've tried more than ten times already :D I get my ass delivered to me every single time! Isn't that hilarious? ;) Even more so because I did complete this game years ago and while it was a difficult game I didn't have so many problems right from the beginning!

The same can be said about Knights and Merchants: years ago I've finished it without many problems. Last year, when I decided to play it again, it was a struggle right from the beginning until the very end (yup, I finally managed to win every mission)

Is it normal that after some time you start sucking at certain games? Do you have similar experience? But I must admit (even though it may seem crazy) I'm loving it! It's so good to have a challenging game to play! And winning each mission is super-rewarding!

Oh, and it's a pity that we don't have Myth games here.
Manic Minor and Jet Set Willy. There is no way I would be patient enough to trawl through room after room, filled with deadly traps (like boots and cutlery) and survive to tell the tale. I tried a few years ago online and it didn't end well...
ANYTHING FAST, specifically platformers and certain shooters. When I was a kid I was a bad man with a controller and could knock out console games like Contra, Track & Field, Gunsmoke, Commando in no time at all even with a 40 in my belly. Now?! HAHAHAHA! I still have my hair and most of my teeth but my speed and reflexes are gone gone gone. I remember shattering the hurdles world record on T&F every time I played; now I can barely finish the goddamn race and when I do I can't feel my fingers for an hour.

BTW, great thread Ghorpm. This should be fun reading.
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Can be console games? I experimented something like this with Tiny Toons for NES
Any NES game because the gamepad hurts me too much.
No experience with it, actually vice versa more, could never beat gremlins on the NES when i was younger.
Now i could beat the whole game in 1 go.
lugum: No experience with it, actually vice versa more, could never beat gremlins on the NES when i was younger.
Now i could beat the whole game in 1 go.
Agreed, many old games I didn't properly understand or were difficult as a kid are now very easy.
Don't think I ever had this problem :/
Civilization III. 10 years ago it was much easier to play and to win, now I even can't reach Modern age. =\
It's not my sort of game anyway, but... why?..
I doesn't really take that long for my skills to go bad. I beat Donkey Kong Country Returns (200%, so completed all mirror mode levels too) on the Wii something like 2 or 3 years ago.

Now I'm so bad at it I keep failing levels from around the middle of the game in normal mode.
Zelda. But I'm wondering if I'm comparing apples and oranges.

I've beaten Zelda at least five times on the NES. But I recently found the "classic" version for PC, and have been getting my ass handed to me. I've been cussing swearing that this computer version is just harder than the SNES one was, but it's probably just me. If it weren't such a PITA to hook up the SNES I'd try that again to see if in fact the difficulty was charged up a bit with the computer version, but man that's a pain with todays TV's and their inputs.
None thus far. I've found that I have a far easier time with basically any game than I had in my younger days. I've been able to beat most of the games that I've had since I was a kid, and that I remember struggling with. I do have far less patience for poor game design though, and many of the games that I would happily play as a kid are far less pleasant these days.
back in the day i could sit and complete games like contra and mario in a day, tried em again recently ....looks like the patience has worn off....forgot the enemy patterns as well sigh
Quite the opposite for me, actually.

Years ago, I tried playing Rome Total War and found it infuriatingly difficult. I started playing it again recently, and found it, well, really easy. I guess my little babby mind didn't quite comprehend tactics back then.
haha I'm with tinyE quite far on... Battle Squadron on Amiga went well, without any cheats... straight through... about 20 years ago :) now on (amiga) emulation, ability to cheat and all, I am crap!
And that relates to another thing I have found in myself... I am sure it's just a passing phase but somehow I can't muster the enthusiasm or ... motivation to go through anything.... When I was 15 years it never occured to me as it does sometimes these days, "Why the hell am I playing a game so long?" :)
Maybe it's just a spell of seriousness or one of those age-crises?

Anyhow so far I am beating that crisis with a Playstation Portable game Tactics Ogre... 130 hours in so far... BUT IT'S STILL NOT THROUGH ARGH!


Edit: Yeah of course some games ARE easier now, that I can read :) ( I got my first machine C64 when I was 7 years old and couldn't get much English... It not being my native tongue..)
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