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Hi everyone,

I recently finished the last installment of Broken Sword 4. I had a lot of fun with my girlfriend playing through the series. We also played and beaten Syberia 1&2 and all the monkey island games. Now I was wondering if you guys knew any games that are similar to these games. I'm looking for something new to play with my girlfriend.
Try The Longest Journey
If you are looking for point-and-click then The Blackwell games are very good, same with Gemini Rue (also on Desura if you prefer)

Gog have Beneath a Steel Sky free of charge.

Also you might want to check out The Longest Journey and the Myst games
Longest Journey is a good one.

Grey Matter is another.

My girlfriend seemed to get into Black Mirrow 1, 2 and 3 a bit.
Gabriel Knight series is a bit darker, though it is often considered one of the finest point & click series of all time (in particular the first two games).

The longest journey has already been recommended, but I'll recommend it again.

The Dig is my favourite of Lucas Art's old adventure games. It is a bit more serious than most of their other games.

Sam & Max is a must play. It is fun and charming.
Interesting. I'll take a look.
I bought the longest journey. I'm very curious. Thanks again everyone.
Like the above have mentioned, Gemini Rue (!), The Longest Journey and Gabriel Knight are all great games.
If you can get past the control scheme I would also like to recommend the Tex Murphy series
(uakm -> pandora directive -> overseer).

Here are some other adventure games that you should look into (not that similar to the games
you mentioned though):
- A New Beginning
- The Book of Unwritten Tales
- Deponia (if it ever comes out)
I liked Gabriel Knight,the story is very dark,mature and very well researched making it believeble.
After 6 days I beat the game. I have to admit, it was really interesting and I truly enjoyed it. Now I want to save some money and perhaps there are some free (indie) games that are pretty good? Though of course the price on the GoG games here are a steal, If I keep beating the games this fast, I'll be running out of money soon. hehe.
I bought the Longest Journey (physical copy) yesterday at a thrift store! I was all excited to give it a shot but after the intro video the game crashed. Haven't tried since.

Though it's not free, it's cheap. 80 Microsoft Points for BloodyCheckers on Xbox Live Indie Games. I've been personally trying to get people to give this game a shot because it's incredibly well made and it's an awesome game but it just doesn't have the popularity it should. The Game's Developer is actually a really nice guy too.
See if you can find Hand of Fate. It's a DOS game from 93, and I'm not sure if it was ever released on CDs.

It's the second game in the series, but the first one wasn't nearly as good in my opinion. I didn't play the next one, Malcom's Revenge, but the humor in Hand of Fate is similar to Monkey Island.
The Runaway series and Lost Horizon. Going a bit further back, maybe Gabriel Knight: Sins Of The Fathers, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis and Flight of the Amazon Queen (which is freeware).