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Al1: How was The First Templar?
Average. Much better with a friend in co-op but the RPG 'elements' are very thin and the the combat boils down to Smash, X, X, X, X, Smash, X, X, X X etc. Story is decent though.
Al1: How was The First Templar?
Delixe: Average. Much better with a friend in co-op but the RPG 'elements' are very thin and the the combat boils down to Smash, X, X, X, X, Smash, X, X, X X etc. Story is decent though.
Finished Shira Oka - Second Chances a few hours ago. Yes, I cheated so I wouldn't have to worry about grades and fatigue, but the only thing I'm really interested in in this type of games is the dialogues, characters, and story - the interactive novel part, not the gameplay as such.

Actually, now I'm a bit sad that I reached the end and don't have more of it to loook forward to.
adding L.A. Noire

Who would've thought Rockstar would publish an adventure game??

People expecting "GTA in the 40s" will probably be disappointed. LA Noire is decidedly slower-paced, linear, and holds its narrative as its most important element. It's also a bit repetitive for a good half of the game.

That said, it's the most well-acted game... probably ever. It plays like a movie, watches like a movie, and engrosses like a movie. LA Noire is kind of like Heavy Rain plopped in a little sandbox. The MotionScan technology is simply a sight to behold, and trying to call out suspects on lies, fibs, and truths is trickier than you'd expect. Every case is interesting and it's certainly ripe for as much DLC as Team Bondi feels like cranking out.

This is right alongside Portal 2 as a must-play game this year.
Desktop Dungeons

And in this case by "finished" I mean "unlocked everything and beat Lothlorien". Definitely not "100% completion." I'd like to see someone beat Factory with a Rogue!
Had to let off some steam after the Champions League final, so I just finished Painkiller.
Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway
Dawn of War 2
Dawn of War 2 Chaos Rising
Bioshock 2
Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light
Puzzle Quest
Medal of Honor Airborne. Now that was a short one...
The Tiny Bang Story. Lives up to its name, unfortunately. It was nice while it lasted though.
Did I mention Evil Genius? I didn't actually complete it, but I'm definitely done with it. Too damn difficult.

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (DS). Fun at times, but lack of new features and a ridiculously poorly written story ("This thing only activates if you use another thing!" "Whoa, you're kidding?!" "Yeah, and to get the other thing you need to go to this place!" "Fascinating!" "And then when you get there you need to collect a thing." "A thing?!" "Yeah, it lets you activate this thing here! It's really nifty!" "Whoa, are you kidding?!" ...) kept me from wanting to defeat the bonus boss.
I've actually managed to beat a few games this year which is crazy for me since I tend to stick to games I've beat before.

So far I've beat:

-LA Noire
-Fallout New Vegas
-Planescape Torment (this one means the most cause I've restarted it more times than I can count so to finally have beat it makes me feel really nice)
-Dragon Age 2

Four games in one year is big news for little ol' me. Pretty pleased about the progress.
Drelmanes: Two games I finished in january but forgot to post here;
R.A.D. - Thanks for the recommendation, Runehamster, the game is awesome!
Silent Hill - The first one (PS1).
what's rad?

anyhow. up to feb. 1
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For the "Games completed" column, try "sum(startcoordinate$:endcoordinate$)" (e.g. A1$:A5$), then autofill by double clicking the lower right corner. At least, I think that's it. It should sum every row. Actually, I don't think you need to lock the references at all since it's a one-dimensional parallel expansion.

I felt clever using that last sentence.
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Just finished Witcher 2 and Gray Matter. Not going to bother mentioning all the games I'd completed earlier. My memory isn't that good.