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This is the sign up thread for Gog forum mafia game #20, tentatively entitled Murder on the Moon or I Payed Twenty Bucks to Watch these Community Theatre Hacks!

Mafia is a forum game, played by x number of people at a time, where your main objective as the town (or 'good' guys) is to find and eradicate all of the mafia (or 'bad' guys) through discussion, investigation and, ultimately, voting for who you think is the most likely mafia member, at that time, where upon they will be killed off. The situation is obviously reversed if you are one of the mafia. This is a very basic description of how the game works, and if you'd like to know more you can check out this online tutorial.

For this game, we'll be using a slight mafia variant called Assassin in the Palace. In this version of the game, there aren't as many roles, nor is there a night phase (in a regular mafia game, this is where anyone with a special role would use their action for that day).

You merely have a king, guards to protect said king, and the assassin, who is tasked with killing the king.

If you'd like to sign up, simply say so in this thread, but know that joining a mafia game requires you be an active participant (you'll be required to post at least every 72 hours) in the game over what could be quite a substantial amount of time.

People that have signed up:


Possible replacement players:


Note: My original set up was intended for twelve people, but that can easily be changed if there is more interest.
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Replacement player reporting in. Or main player if you end up having fewer than 12 volunteers.
I was asked to verify, I am verifying.
If you do not mind players who completely disregards all rules and enjoys disrupting the game - I can be a replacement player or filler if you do not get enough players.
Currently editing my post to make it legal.
Yep, yep. Verifying that I'm in.
Sure, I'll join in, gonna be a bit hectic for a few weeks but sounds like fun.
Me please!
I'm in! Sounds like fun!
Also in if you need me.
it sounds exiting yes please I'll play the game *wink wink*
I'm up for it! :) I still need to look through the rules of Assassin in the Palace lol
Never played Forum Mafia before, but it looks fun and I would like to join.
I'm in!
In please!