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LoboBlanco: Exactly, it seems rather simple when written, but when I woke up from it I really didn´t understand what happened because the dream was so real that I thought I had already awaken and was actually doing those things not dreaming about them, plus since I had awaken already inside the dream it created a big confusion in my mind when I awoke "again", this time for real......................or did I :P
I stayed sitting for a while because I wasn´t sure if I was awake or not already. Quite confusing indeed.
Have you seen movie "Inception"? There was a scene with a spinner, similar to this. I wonder how would've it been if you spinned such a thing in your dream (or a in a drem from a dream) o_O
Damn I had a cool one last night. For some reason it started with a moose chasing me up a snowy hillside, but I can't remember what led up to it. Anyhow, following that me and a buddy went hunting for a predator and after we got him (sadly I can''t remember how we did it) I ran towards a helicopter with Arnold already in it and shouting "Get in the choppa!". I even experienced the shockwave of the nuclear blast and everything.
Anyways, after that we rendezvoused at a big tank for some reason where we discovered that there were in fact multiple predators cloaked in the area. One appeared just in front of the tank on a boulder, but the tank blasted him into a green mist before he could do anything. I then became one of the soldiers that we was in the evac helicopter that we dropped off next to the tank. Me and an unidentified individual then decided drive home I guess, at which point we discovered that we were being chased by another predator in a car behind us, at which point things started to become fuzzy.
Next thing that I remember I had a predator for an ally and we got out of the car to start fighting off a wave of very disgusting looking aliens. Then I became the predator and used my phenomenal jumping ability to jump onto a big boulder where I started to fight off a bunch of aliens of various colours. I remember being overwhelmed by the large number of aliens all around me which led me to contemplate nuking the whole area, with a device at least in the megaton range. You know, because Earth was at stake. Anyhow, that turned out not to be necessary as I found the alien queen in a small valley of sorts surrounded by spikey vines. Using my speargun I shot at the vines next to her, which for some reason contained a pressurized liquid, that ended up killing her. All the remaining aliens then turned into goats and I knew the day was saved.
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The dreams I can remember lately should be nightmares but aren't

one night, I dreamed that I & several other people were in a corridor of a very "Doom 3-esque" facility (metal, stark shadows) & "something" was clawing vigorously at the ceiling plating (enough to shower white sparks on us & my thoughts were "cool" & how pretty that [effect] is. & I woke up

not related but last night, I dreamed I was in some sort of moonbase where people were being eaten whole by a "creature". then I found myself on a catwalk and this guy who I just knew was a total douchebag was at the far dead-end side of the cat walk fumbling with a revolver & I go up to the "creature" (petite pale goth girl with black hair) & I ask " Do you have to eat me to?" & "She" said "No, I like you. If you go out please close the door." & I woke up.
Seems like there was nothing special to note in the meantime. Though tonight I had a dream that GOG made this crazy promo: 10 minutes until the New Year every single person (even if registered just now) can buy one game, any game on GOG with a 90% discount. You can only imagine, how many The Witcher 3 games were snatched in that period of time... o_O