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Don't Starve Even More!

Don't Starve: Reign of Giants DLC is now available on for 10% off the regular price at just $4.49 until 09:59 AM GMT on 07 May (the base game "Don't Starve" is required to play.).

Don't Starve is a charming game about working in a all-you-can-eat buffet, where the daily challenges are few and simple. In "Reign of the Giants", a visiting basketball team literally falls in your lap from the sky above like a rain of gian--no, wait. I'm told that all of the above is a lie. Let me try again:

Don't Starve is a game about not starving. This sounds like it could be easy, but literally every single freaking thing around would be happiest if you starved. From the seasons to the wildlife, everything is busy taking food from the food chain and putting it somewhere other than in your stomach. It's not an easy game, but definitely a rewarding one once you have figured out how to balance all of the challenges.

Which is where Reign of Giants comes in: now with torrential rains in spring and blistering droughts in summer, suddenly the "safe" seasons are no longer guaranteed to be quiet and tranquil affairs of OHGODOHGODMONSTERSATEMYFACEOHGOD. There are now more biomes, which means a varied palette of gorgeous new terrain has arrived, and with it have come the concomitant monsters to eat your face. There are new scientific discoveries, new mysteries to plumb, and even new characters to play! Finally--and this may only be a rumor--but there are large creatures in this game, and they might be giants. Spoiler alert: the giants probably want to eat your face.

If you're a fan of games that are hard but fair, games that are filled to the brim with exploration, and experiences that will delight and terrify alike, then you should already own Don't Starve. If you do own Don't Starve--or if we've piqued your interest in it with this DLC--then you should own the Reign of Giants DLC. It's the bee's knees of third-person survival sim terror, and it's 10% off for just $4.49 until 09:59 AM GMT on 07 May.
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avatar on 07 March.
Grargar: What?
Uh, yes.

May. It says May.

::waves hand:: This is not the error you're looking for.
cyboff: OK,so release day is supposed to be May 30 - then what is inside the installer which is already available for download?
early access version?
The release date has been fixed on the game card and it;s the full version not an Early Access/beta version :)

Sorry for the confusion...
cpc464: I tried to install the DLC but it tells me that "This version of core game is not supported. Please update your version with the latest patch from GOG."

I'm already on 2.6 the current version so not sure what to do....
Please download the new installer for the PC version :) setup_dont_starve_2.7.0.16.exe is the file name:)
strawberrykiller: I must play the base game on the weekend and after that I thinking about the DLC.
Wishbone: If you're going to fully explore the base game over a single weekend, you're going to be rather busy ;-)
Crosmando: Same issue here. I've got the most recent installer for Don't Starve installed, but it won't let me install the DLC.
Wishbone: Note to GOG:

*** DLC testing procedure #1 ***
- Verify that the DLC works with the version of the base game currently on the site.
It does with the newest installer that I put up. Sorry about that :)
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zaine-h: I think this was a poorly handled release all around. Steam users probably already have the full build but it's still labeled Early Access and is sold at the 20% off preorder price because of it. GOG never got the preorder, silently added the page for it a few weeks ago with the YouTube trailer being the only confirmation the DLC was even coming, and released it now ahead of Steam.
Mr_GeO: Funny thing is, I updated game through it's build-in native updater, and on game starting page it' still saying thats this DLC is "early access on Steam". However, there's a banner "DLC is available!" just below it. When I click it, I've been redirected to a page stating that DLC is ... "Steam Early Access Beta"!

Either GOG make some kind of suprising ninja release :D or someone in Klei Entertainment don't do his/her homework "How to release contnent for our game"...

Anyway, whislisted for now. 10% discount do not feel like a mind-blowing offer, and I rather wait a bit to make sure that all recent problems with DLC compatibility have been ironed out.
All I know is this:

Our version is the full version.

The "Early Access" links and such are pulled from Klei's newsfeed server and we have no control over that :)
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