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Prepare for a truly HOSTILE takeover
Welcome to the grim cyberpunk future of corporate wars and cybernetically enhanced soldiers. Both games from the cult classic Sci-Fi series-- and [url=]Syndicate Wars--are available for up to 70% off on That's as little as $3.58 for the hands-on experience of challenging tactical combat in a futuristic world without hope, regret, or morals, for the next 24 hours!

HEADS UP, EXECUTIVES!: This Friday, our version of Syndicate will be upgraded (free of additional charge, of course) with the sensational American Revolt mission pack!

The future, my friend, is corporate genocide. Fill the shoes of a "manager" for a global syndicate fearlessly pursuing ultimate profit. Your goal is to fight for territory and influence, using brainwashed supersoldiers--lethal puppets in the hands of a corporate mastermind like you--among the flood of civilian casualties. With each deftly executed mission--ranging from relatively simple extractions to multi-layered assassinations--bringing you closer to world domination and market monopoly, the means become easier to accept, collateral damage proving nothing more than a natural consequence of corporate friction. Gradually, with more cybernetic enhancements, overdrive-inducing drugs, and high-tech weaponry, your army of agents will become the foundation of new world order. Succeed, and you might just get promoted!

Syndicate series has been a stepping stone for the gaming industry: its morally challenging overtone imposed over a pessimistic, but extremely coherent vision of the world's future, set the stage for strategically demanding gameplay. The original , included in almost every "Best games in PC history" list, allowed you to become a ruthless enforcer in the world of miniguns and brain implants, treating your agents as chess pieces in a conscience-free game of life and death. [url=]Syndicate Wars was able to follow up with equally well-balanced difficulty level and immersive narrative, allowing you to fight for two distinctly different factions - the EuroCorp Syndicate or the Church of the New Epoch. If gruesome corporate warfare with real-time tactical combat is your thing you can't go wrong with those two celebrated classics!

Get the maximum available discount of 70% on the Syndicate series, grab both esteemed classics for just $3.58! As usual, any game you own counts towards the discount rate. The promo lasts until Tuesday, September 24, at 9:59AM GMT.
G-Doc: It will work!

IPX > TCP/IP Tunnelling via Dosbox

is what our test lab tells me :-)
mrking58: Test lab? Is that the same place where TheEnigmaticT version 2.0 was created?
Nope. We use that place for serious business. That's where the goglings are kept, fed on bugs and glitches.

TET 2.0 wasn't a big challenge. All it took was some duct tape. I taped his head back on personally. It'd be too much trouble to look for a replacement on such short notice.
It's starting!

My library now shows Dungeon Keeper Gold, Magic Carpet Plus and Syndicate Plus. :D

Don't know about the Populous games, I don't have those.
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Nergal01: It's starting!

My library now shows Dungeon Keeper Gold, Magic Carpet Plus and Syndicate Plus. :D

Don't know about the Populous games, I don't have those.
Populous games are updated too! This is a great day for all Bullfrog fans. Thank you GOG!