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Matt Kempke of Daedalic Entertainment sheds light on their new point-and-click adventure!

The Night of the Rabbit is a point-and-click adventure of magic, mystery, and wonder, full of beautiful storybook graphics and an amazing story that will appeal to young and mature gamers alike. The game is coming soon to and is currently available for pre-order for only $19.99. Everyone who gets it before release on will also become eligible to redeem a free copy of Daedalic Entertainment's previous adventure hit--! We thought you might like to learn a bit more about this upcoming title, so [url=]recently we asked you if you had any questions for The Night of the Rabbit designers. Matt Kempke, the game's lead designer, answered in great detail the ones that Daedalic found the most interesting. We invite you to the resulting Q&A!

Matt Kempke answers users' questions about The Night of the Rabbit.
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011284mm: Well I would love to respond to Matt Kempke and say that the images so far of The Night of The Rabbit look wonderful, and I am looking forward to playing it after I finish my currently playlist of games.
I am looking forward to this and Deponia 3 with great delight. I really feel that these guys have the same wonderful storytelling and clever puzzles that will lead them to the same kind of great success held by Sierra and Lucas Arts through the 90's.
Matt is currently enjoying his well deserved vacation, but we'll pass on your response to him. Maybe when he gets back, he'll have some time to poke around forums. Daedalic devs are known to do so on occasion :-)
Really nice interview and good questions.

Night of the rabbit already preordered, and I hope that new DarkEye RPG will end up on GOG as well (just as Deponia 3) :)
Did you say rabbit? Aww yeah, insta-purchase for me!

I had a lot of fun with Edna & Harvey too. Keep up the rabbity goodness, Daedalic!
Hmm how did I miss that, my Question was there and answered and never noticed nor asked for a gift code. Well bought the game now so guess I missed that one.

I must have not scrolled down all the way, got distracted and figured I'd read the whole thing.