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Mori_Yuki: Zoom the video conferencing service routed their traffic of non-Chinese citizens through China, which, according to Zoom's CEO happened by mistake. Here is a full albeit old story

Zoom, the other one, is a gaming service and besides its name got nothing to do with Zoom the online conferencing service. The former may host Devotion and they certainly don't work with the PRC. Here is a link to the Zoom Platform

Add.: As to the lawsuit they got many more than one pending against them - Zoom - the video conferencing service. See here

Some of them got settled while others are obviously still pending and some new ones been added.
Orkhepaj: by mistake:P
only idiots trust china companies , all of them are ccp puppets
Zoom is an American company. ;-)
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Jorev: Why do you want to censor this news? Do you work for Zoom or are you a Chinese agent?

I, like Niggles and Time4Tea, also found your request curious considering you have overlooked a dozen threads not related to gaming which have thrived on this forum.
Dunno if this reply is serious or sarcastic(or a bit of both), but as I said above: Some forum goers just seem to want the forums to be run in a way they want it to be run, so they will complain about things they dislike from time to time as if they own the place.
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amok: and this is related to games how? can you please move over to reddit or 4chan, and can we get a mod to close this thread?
In light of the topic at hand, I hope the irony of your request isn't lost on you.
Leroux: This is quite confusing after all posts about Zoom (the gaming platform) possibly offering Devotion a new home, but totally unrelated, since this is about Zoom (the video conferencing app).

I always thought it was a poor choice of name for the gaming platform, but this is kind of ironic now. ;P
Zoom is bad. Stop using Zoom! Zoom is good. Start buying stuff on Zoom.

Perhaps they should name their game distribution platform Vapor, Genesis, Chaos, Or FCS (Fine Classic Software), They gotta be brave and use names based on things that no one else has thought of before. Perhaps have storewide seasonal discounts, refrain from selling niche side-scrolling horror titles in their store, and offer an actual specialized program people can install to manage their games. Very unique and innovative ideas never done before.