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Hey GoGeRs!

My phone I got last year broke down and I sent it to repairs. It is fixed now (at no cost) and they even replaced the case so it is scratchless. But for a month I had to go back to my old phone which was awful experience. That made me think about my own history with phones. I would like to share it and hear your history of mobile phones.

My first phone. It did calls. and txt messages. Everyone else had nokia where they could play Snake. Got it from my parents.
My second phone. Slight improvement and the fun thing was the ability to record short clips of sound. I had it maybe for 5 months.
My third phone and one of my favorite phones ever. Looked great. Had a great screen. Finally I had games and really good ones. I was very fond of it.
Fourth. Small improvement compared to M55 but it had a camera. Very very bad camera but it had one. Unfortunately I had never transfered any pictures to my computer so I lost them all.
Fifth and first one to be more than a phone. I spent dozens of dollars on games for it, watched quiet few episodes of southpark for free through the provider's app. First time I logged into the internet on a phone just to post a message. One of the first semi-smartphones which I owned.
Sixth. Much better camera than Motorola. Touchscreen. Better and bigger screen. Lack of wireless and app shops was an issue. still served me well for a quiet some time. It is so tiny in comparison to even smaller new smartphones. Still have it as a back up. I even used it last year when I went back to Poland and had used my smartphone with polis sim card and this one with my australian one.

Seventh. First true smartphone. My samsung was dieing, turning off from time to time which was an issue if you have to wake up to work at five am and went to sleep at 1am. So i got an upgrade. First true smartphone with wireless connectivity. and apps. Served me well.
my eight and current one. Such a great phone. But: Had it only for 11 months though and it stopped working. Why? no idea. but I sent it under warranty for repair and it came back fixed. so whatever was wrong with it hopefully was fixed.
I did put it under running water so maybe that broke it. won't be doing that again :)

what's your history?
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My first phone ever was humble Siemens A-20 Cheap and stable.

Second and most memorable was Samsung C-100 , one of the remarkable phones for it's time: elegant, easy to use and could hold it's power charge for ~1 week.

Other my phones didn't remained in my memory and now I'm using another modern prosaic smartphone LG G4.
Strangely enough, I've never had one! I wonder if anyone else on GOG is in the same boat?
I got my first cell phone when I finished my engineering and I never brought any since then.
It is a used nokia C5.
It was broken.
So, the previous owner was going to throw it.
I asked for it and after repairing it became my first cell phone.
I'm pretty sure my first one was a Nokia 6110. After that I believe I had a Nokia 3310/3330 and somewhere along the line a Nokia 5210 which fell out of a hole in my backpack :(
After the 5210 I got the phone I was probably the happiest with overall, HTC P3400 and shortly after that I moved onto the Lumia series.
Nokia 3210

Brilliant "little" thing. Easy to use, and without an external antenna at a time where that still was the norm. Can you imagine? Oh, and the battery lasted 8 days. 8 DAYS!

Nokia 8210

Even brillianterererer little thing. Basically the same as the 3210 but positively tiny, especially for its time. And the battery lasted almost 7 days!

Samsung SGH-Z500

A flip-phone, my only 'non-bar' phone ever. Two displays! COLOR displays! TWO cameras! Video and mp3 playback! Internet! A stylish look. Surely there would never be anything better! And the battery lasted 5 days!

Sony-Ericsson K550i

Okay, who actually needs two displays and all that. After destroying the Samsung with my patented Grabby Hand of Clumsiness +5, I went back to the good old bar form factor. Apart from the second camera it had all features of the Samsung and great usability. But it was much more compact, just as stylish and came with a better camera behind a protective slider which on opening sent the phone straight into camera mode. Almost like having an actual camera. And unlike the bulky K800 the back was flat despite the camera lense and slider. And the battery lasted 5 days!

Sony-Ericsson Xperia X10

So, that's one of them SMRT phones I is hearing so much about. Being a laaaaaaaaaate adopter I got this one as a hand-me-down from my brother in 2011-ish(?). And let me tell you, it certainly was a smartphone. It had a touch screen, a camera and everything. It even supported apps. Yup. Moving on.

Oh yeah, the battery lasted 2 days! If you didn't use it much. Or touch it. Or look at it funny.

Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

My latest acquisition in the phone department. A properly brilliant piece of technology. Unlike the heavily feature reduced compact versions of other manucaturers' high end models this actually is a high end phone in a compact shell. It's fast, easy to use, waterproof, comes with a great camera and is very reasonably priced. Only downside as far as I can see is the at best adequate selfie camera and the choice of glass as the back plate which always makes me kinda nervous. Other than that: insanely good.

And the battery lasts 2 days. And I'm talking completely un-ironic, actual honest-to-god 2 days with normal use. If you're one of them types who have a phone mostly so that other people can reach them, to chat a bit on Whatsapp, snap a quick picture or do a quick bit of internet research or navigating (like me), this thing goes to eleven. Or, well, 3 maybe 4 days realistically. If you're a weirdo who just wants a phone, put it into Stamina (or ULTRA-Stamina) mode and it will outlast any of the good ol' phones from days of yore with ease.
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Ericsson GA 628 - known as a phone that brought the mobile networking to Slovenia
Siemens CX 65 - best phone I ever had until the software started glitching out.
Motorola (don't know the model but never again)
Current Phone: Samsung Galaxy Xcover
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Started with a Nokia 8210, temporarily replaced it with a Nokia 3310 while living abroad and then went back to using my old 8210 until I recently replaced it with a Nokia 2330 because I could get one for free and a new battery for the 8210 would have cost money. Otherwise, I'd still prefer the 8210 which has unbeatable battery life with a new battery. Anyway, I can now play Snakes in color. It's kinda funny when I look at the fruity smartphones people have, practically everyone seems to have broken screens. The old Nokia phones are indestructible in comparison.
I can't remember ;)
The only one that springs to mind is the Matrix one that "snicks" open. Other than that, they are all a blur.
My first phone was a Sagem X3 around 2003-4.
Then that company up and left the country, so I switched to Nokia for my next 3 phones (if I'm not mistaken, it was 6610, then one of their music based phones, and then finally an N79).
My latest is a generic brand Android phone using the MTK6589 chipset. I got it in late 2013. I still use my Nokia to listen to music, because sound quality on my new phone sucks.
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Never had one.
I only had, and still have, one of those indestructable Nokia 3310 Phones.
thejimz: Strangely enough, I've never had one! I wonder if anyone else on GOG is in the same boat?
Smart man.
My very first phone was Siemens C5, at the time when everybody had Nokia 3310, so I wanted to be different. In retrospect, it was a terrible phone. Its rubber keys were the worst. I didn't mind them at first, when I was still learning to type SMS messages, but later on they imposed a ceiling on the tapping speed due to their sluggishness. The features were nothing to write home about, but at least the appearance was slick, if a tad feminine.